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    Trunk Club Is Perfect For Anyone Who Loves Clothes But Hates Shopping And It's On Sale Right Now

    Nordstrom clothes picked out for me by a stylist = bliss.

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    If you love clothes but hate to shop, you should know that Nordstrom has a shiny and convenient service here to change your wardrobe (and your life!) for the better: The service is called Trunk Club — and it is both fabulous and running a truly *chef kisses fingers* amazing promo right now.

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    Spend $125 and you'll receive a $25 credit, spend $250 and you'll receive a $50 credit, and spend $400 and you'll receive a $100 credit.

    Now this might not seem like a huge amount of savings, but it actually is — a majority of the items shipped in each box are the kind of beauties that probably wouldn't go on sale, ergo you are save cash that would have otherwise been spent on the same darn thing.

    Psst, this offer is valid from now until 12/2.

    But what exactly is Trunk Club? Funny you should ask.

    Trunk Club pairs you with a seasoned stylist who hand picks clothes and accessories tailored to your personal taste — which means you'll always have a fab wardrobe without having to step into the horrible fluorescent lighting that is a store dressing room. *shudders*, @trunkclubwomen

    The Trunk Club box aims to give you a head-to-toe ensemble that includes everything from dresses and outerwear to shoes and accessories available in petite, "regular," maternity, and plus sizes.

    In terms of pricing, you're charged a $25 styling fee that acts as a credit toward anything you decide to purchase. This means that if you only love *one* item from the box...that's totally okay! That $25 fee will be immediately credited toward that purchase. Plus, shipping and returns are always free.

    You can also choose if you'd like a box delivered to your doorstep every month, two months, or three months. Or choose to get just one box! The options are endless here.

    But AnaMaria, how does it all WORK!? No worries, my sweet summer child — just take my hand and I'll guide you through the entire Trunk Club process.

    First, take a super specific style quiz: Do you hate paisley prints? Prefer fitted tops? Refuse to wear low-rise jeans ever again? Hate the color beige? All of these questions will help Trunk Club to narrow down your dream wardrobe.

    Trunk Club

    The quiz even asks how much money you typically spend on a specific item, giving you four ranges of prices that you'd feel comfortable paying for, say, a handbag or a pair of jeans.

    Next, chat with a stylist to let 'em know if there's anything specific you're looking for (READ: all the velvet). You'll then get a preview email of the goodies you'll be receiving this month, which you'll also be able to say yay or nay to. Hate everything? Just say so! Your stylist will get all picks replaced in a jiffy.

    You can even choose up to three of your own picks while approving your monthly trunk.

    And then? ET VOILA! Your gorgeous Trunk Club box will appear at your doorstep, bearing many a fashion gift that you're bound to love. And if there's anything you *don't* love, that's totally fine — just return it. Returns (and shipping) are always at no additional cost to you. / Via @trunkclubwomen

    And just a reminder that every box charges a $25 styling fee, which will be immediately credited toward anything you decide to purchase.

    Now without further ado, my fashionista friends, it's time to go your own way. Try Trunk Club yourself and receive up to $100 off! Perhaps snag some clothes for the holidays, eh?

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    And be sure to act fast! This deal is only valid through 12/2.

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