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    27 Things From The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale That Are Perfect For Summer

    Your feet deserve these discounted platform sandals. They. Just. Do.

    The Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale has arrived and the timing couldn't be more perfect — because now that humidity has knocked on my door, the moment is ripe for my scrolling finger to flick upon thousands of products here to enhance my summer.

    1. A satin camisole because what better top to pair with the frayed hem, high-waisted denim you got on clearance last summer but never wore because, well, 2020? Tell 'em to rise and shine via this perfect addition.

    2. Platform slide sandals that are the perfect compromise: They look ultra dressy but manage to be unbelievably comfortable, ergo you can look chic *and* put-together without having to feel like you're wobbling around on stilts.

    the brown platform sandals

    3. A wrap midi skirt you can pair with a white tee (we highly rec. the TikTok method of cropping) and et voila, that fashion blog shall be calling.

    model wearing floral wrap skirt

    4. A ruched leather bag for a seasonally appropriate swap to the usual LBP (little black purse) you tote around during colder months. The taupe color provides an instant wardrobe refresh.

    model carrying the ruched bag

    5. A V-neck maxi dress designed with the phrase wardrobe staple in mind, the kind of number you can wear to weddings and birthday dinners *or* for a stroll along a beach boardwalk.

    6. A concrete planter for folks who intend on sprucing up their living space via live greenery.

    the pink planter

    7. A scoop neck tank that has most likely been blessed by a fairy godmother, because this takes your basic cami and goes *poof*. An instantly chic upgrade is yours for the taking due to a vibrant hue.

    model wearing green top

    8. An organic coconut wax candle with notes of cypress, salt, and smoke to give your humble abode the natural scent of a beach house (even if your current humble abode = a studio apartment in the middle of a densely packed city).

    a lit candle

    9. Dr. Scholl's cushioned slide sandals because your feet deserve nothing but the best comfort and support footwear can offer — and these deliver. Don't knock the Birks until you've tried them, folks.

    the white and blue tie dye slides

    10. Pearl huggie drop earrings with an air of "I actually tried this morning" due to their dainty, versatile design. Reach for these every morning with confidence knowing they'll enhance any quick ensemble.

    11. A tie-front striped top that strikes me as the kind of blouse I'll be wearing to a point that extends beyond "outfit repeating." Kate Sanders, what would you think of me?

    model wearing the striped shirt

    12. Metallic hair clips for days in which the word "shampoo" is not in your vocabulary. Grab your greasy mane, gather a few pieces to the side, and fasten it with the likes of the below.

    the clips

    13. Pull-on knit shorts to sweeten cozy weekends spent scouring Netflix for yet another true crime docu-series. Forensic Files coupled with iced coffee, some snacks, and this comfy hunk of loungewear? My definition of bliss.

    model wearing white shorts

    14. A tote insert to add some organization to the beach bag you've been carrying since '03, the one in desperate need of some pockets. Fishing for sunscreen and sunglasses = no longer a ten minute "let me take out every single thing in here" hassle.

    15. A Kate Spade phone sticker that turns any case into a pocket, ideal for credit cards, single keys, sticks of gums, important receipts...and the list goes on.

    the pink pocket

    16. A Richer Poorer knit lounge dress to replace the leggings you've been wearing since, oh, last October. This equally comfortable option allows your limbs to feel some breeze and looks chic as heck in the process.

    model wearing the taupe dress

    17. A racerback sports bra reminiscent of alllll the ocean waves you'll be swimming through this summer — or, at the very least, all the ocean waves you'll be viewing on-screen as you binge Outerbanks for the 10th time. It's truly the perfect summer show. Prove me wrong.

    model wearing the racerback sports bra

    18. A mini Bluetooth speaker ideal for lazy afternoons spent grilling, suntanning in your backyard, or hosting intimate family gatherings. This tiny BB offers three consecutive hours of play time on a single charge and can be juiced up with the included USB-C cord.

    19. Cat eye sunglasses that take any outfit from drab to fab in a millisecond. It's time to chuck out the uncomfortable stilettos and fancy tops of "I'm dressing trendy" outfits past and substitute them with a far less finicky option; one that requires zero additional effort.

    the glasses

    20. A splurge-worthy Longchamp nylon tote I'm personally dubbing an absolute dream for weekend trips. This expandable bag holds a *ton* of stuff, even by an over-packers standards: it also folds flat for storage, has removable (and adjustable) straps, and interior pockets.

    21. A smocked ruffle top appropriate for literally every. single. thing. you have coming up in the next decade. From socially distanced family gatherings to trips into the office, consider this reliable number the new holy grail of your wardrobe.

    model wearing the white corset top

    22. A Case-Mate universal power adapter you'll want to purchase for that eventual trip to [*insert international city of your dreams here*]. Here's what'll happen if you don't add to cart now: You'll go through security, take a seat at your gate, and immediately scramble to Hudson News in search of the below adapter because you forgot to pack one. You'll pay triple the below price. It'll hurt.

    23. Vince Camuto woven platform sneakers for the best of both worlds: the “I tried” look afforded by slightly more fancy shoes, the comfort that comes from throwing on your favorite kicks.

    the white platform shoes

    24. High-waisted shorts designed with a subtle cheetah print, one that provides a fun upgrade to the classic baby blues you typically reach for once the weather app starts to creep up of 80.

    25. A Kiehl's foaming face wash packed with calendula extract and glycerin, the combo of which deep dives into your complexion and remove allllll the gunk and excess oil. Think: sweat build-up from merely running outside to fetch the mail will no longer have to remain lodged in your pores.

    the face wash

    26. A ribbed tank dress because in the year that won't be named (*ahem* literally the one we are living in now), the impossible has happened: we've gotten sick of leggings. This simple number provides all the comfort from our once beloved staple but looks far more put-together.

    model wearing the pink tie dye dress

    27. A Pura Vida braided bracelet currently 60% off, which means that, cha-ching, it has immediately been added to my personal shopping cart. Summer is simply incomplete if you're not wearing an accessory that resembles the below — I said what I said.

    the bracelet

    Anywho, take a gander for yourself at the absolute g-e-m-s ready to be unearthed at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale! It's truly too good to ignore and I've already added about four knit dresses to my shopping cart.

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