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    Stop Watching "Halloweentown" For Just One Sec And Check Out Marnie Cromwell's Etsy Shop

    From the mortal world depart we now...

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    If you love Halloweentown and the Cromwells as much as I do, then you're probably very curious about the whereabouts of the OSCAR-ROBBED cast.

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    And with news of their recent reunion aside, I'd like to drop another pumpkin-in-the-square-sized bombshell....

    Kimberly J. Brown (AKA Marnie Cromwell herself) has her own Etsy shop!

    The shop, called Craftily Creative, was founded in 2014 and has a few H-Town inspired items up for sale. (READ: several items that I want Marnie Cromwell herself to sign and send to me. No pressure, Marnie, but my happiness depends on you.)

    My reaction to this news, below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

    Disney Channel

    I am dead.

    Anyway, the shop features products such as:

    A cozy hoodie pullover with Grandma Aggie's most #iconic line. (A piece of wisdom that I, a grandmother 908 years from now, will pass down to my own grandchildren.)

    Price: $32.99 / Sizes: S-2XL

    A t-shirt for anyone who has yet to find the portal, but has faith that they WILL find it eventually...

    Price: $19.99 / Sizes: S-XL / Also available in custom sizes.

    And an even better t-shirt to rep the most fantastic zip code in both worlds: mortal and...not mortal.

    Price: $19.99+ / Sizes: S-5XL

    It also has painted signs with some of the ~best~ lines from the series. You know, to give your wall a touch of much-needed wisdom.

    Price: $28 / Available in 11 colors, or a custom color. Can be printed on canvas or wood.

    And while it hurts that I can't afford to live in Halloweentown due to it's ridiculously high rent, owning a hoodie designed by someone in the Cromwell line significantly eases my pain.

    Disney Channel

    Here's a shot of my wallet, reacting to this news:

    Disney Channel

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