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    27 Inexpensive Shoes You'll Want On Your Feet Right NOW

    Get your pedicure ready, folks, because this list includes several sandals.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Inexpensive strappy sandals because warm weather is NOW, pedicure season has ARRIVED, and it's time to expose some toe to the world again.


    These elastic straps have just the right amount of stretch, meaning they fit any kind of foot: from narrow to wide.

    Promising review: "These are comfortable sandals and are easy to get on and off. They'll fit any kind of foot due to the stretchy elastic bands. Love!" β€”Erika

    Get them from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in sizes 5-11 and in 10 colors).

    2. Block heel sandals that'll have you humming 🎢 itsy bitsy teenie weenie 🎢 even though you are wearing neither a bikini or the color yellow. A patterned inner lining? Talk about fun.


    Get them from Asos for $32 (available in sizes 5-11).

    3. Lightweight walking sneakers perfect for those of us who have been blessed with overactive sweat glands (πŸ™ƒ). These are constructed with a lovely mesh material to give your piggies a chance to breathe.

    Promising review: "I've had these shoes for a month and I love them so far. They are really comfortable, have moderate arch support, and the soles have a great spring. These shoes are very lightweight and really shape to your feet without being too tight, plus the upper material is breathable to keep your feet from feeling swampy (even if your feet sweat when you workout). I bought these for cardio and HIIT training which I usually do three times per week, and I'm really happy with them. There isn't any wear yet and the soles have even held up really well." β€”Grace Arnold

    Get them from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in sizes 5-13 and in 31 colors).

    4. Report ankle strap flats sure to get you at least (*AT LEAST*) 9,575 compliments every πŸ‘ single πŸ‘ time πŸ‘ you wear them. / Via @report_shoes, / Via @report_shoes

    Promising review: "I LOVE these flats. I always like something a little more fun than the normal plain Jane and these are great! They fit as expected and go with everything. I’ve worn them a bunch of times and they still look brand new!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $22.10+ (available in sizes 6-10 and in two colors).

    5. Faux leather colorblock sandals ideal for any and every outfit/scenario, whether that involves grabbing coffee from your local coffee shop or visiting a health-rating-unknown bar while on vacation in a foreign country. Versatility! It is our friend.

    Forever 21

    Get them from Forever 21 for $15 (available in sizes 6-11 and in two colors).

    6. Cork platform sandals that will end your quest for the perfect vacation shoe: slightly more dressy than your flats, not quite as flashy as your stilettos. *chef kisses fingers*


    Promising review: "LOVE! These are so cute and comfortable and I haven't taken them off since they arrive this morning. Perfect to wear with spring/summer dresses or jeans for a more casual look. A must-have!" β€”Krystal

    Get them from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in sizes 5.5-11 and in 27 colors).

    7. Pointed toe booties you can don in the spring, summer, and fall (and maybe winter if you're lucky enough to live in a warm state). Feel free to pair these beauties with anything from shorts and skirts to jeans and leggings.


    Get them from Target for $34.99 (available in sizes 5-12 and in four colors and wide sizes).

    8. Lace-up sneakers because white kicks = timeless. You'll continue wearing these into your old age and will then probably pass them on to your children, grandchildren, pets, etc.


    Get them from Asos for $19 (available in sizes 4W-12W).

    9. Heeled sandals that will provide something that not many shoes can: comfort. Who's going to be taking off their shoes only two hours into that wedding due to severe pain? Not you! You'll be doing the funky chicken with ease.


    Promising review: "Oh my goodness! These shoes fit my huge, size 11.5/12 wide feet. They are very comfortable, the suede feels soft, the heel height is perfect, and the color is beautiful." β€”Ariel Yang

    Get them from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in sizes 4.5-11.5 and in 15 colors).

    10. Rain boots guaranteed to have you begging for rain. If you've ever had the urge to jump in a puddle, these slip-ons provide the perfect excuse.


    Promising review: "I've had these rain boots for a couple of months now, and they are amazing. They're perfect for the rain and snow, plus they fit well and look stylish. Can't ask for better!" β€”Rachel J.

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95 (available in sizes 36-41 and in nine colors).

    11. Slip-on shoes that are perfect for the person who is constantly running about ten minutes late (hahaha not me). Just ~slip~ these on and feel comfortable knowing that they match whatever outfit you threw on this AM.


    Get them from H&M for $24.99 (available in sizes 4.5-10 and in two colors).

    12. Strappy sandals with a clear destiny. What is the destiny, you ask? It involves being worn to every single dinner-and-talking occasion you have coming up this month (and yes, this includes those college friend catch-up drinks you agreed to at the beginning of the week when you were still full of life and energy).


    Get it from Nordstrom for $34.96 (originally $69.95, available in sizes 5-10 and in two colors).

    13. Classic ballerina flats so elegant, you'll half expect wearers to randomly burst out into "Swan Lake" choreography.,

    Promising review: "The more that you wear these shoes, the more comfy they become! I can walk around in them all day, and I get a ton of compliments on them. I usually feel frumpy wearing flats, but that's certainly not the case with these β€” I just ordered the beige color, and I might get the leopard print. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE SHOES!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $9+ (available in sizes 5.5-11 and 25 colors).

    14. Lace-up sandals you’ll struggle to keep off the feet of your roommate, who steals your clothes and your food more than your own flesh and blood does.

    Forever 21

    Get them from Forever 21 for $19.90 (available in sizes 5.5-10 and in two colors).

    15. Jessica Simpson dress pumps guaranteed to make your wrinkled white tee and ripped blue jeans look like the epitome of chic. No one will even suspect that you just rolled out of bed.


    Promising review: "I'll just come out and say it: Jessica Simpson simply makes the best shoes when it comes to fashion, comfort, and affordability. These are an absolute dream, and the color is incredible!" β€”Rubin Safaya

    Get them from Amazon for $29.89+. Sizes: 5-11. Available in 13 colors.

    16. Backless loafers you can consider the blazer equivalent of footwear β€” just slip these bad boys on and instantly feel about 1000x more professional.


    Get them from Target for $22.99 (available in sizes 5-11).

    17. Strappy sandals available in 14 colors and yes, it's very likely you'll want to buy every single one. World, say hello to the perfect summer shoe.,

    Promising review: "These shoes are amazing! They are sooo comfortable: I work at a daycare and wear them for six hours straight without any pain. I love these shoes. They're the best money I've ever spent!" β€”Diamond Scott

    Get them from Amazon for $18.49+ (available in sizes 5-11 and in 14 colors).

    18. Bow-topped pointed toe flats because little black dresses are important, but little black flats? They deserve more recognition because you can wear them EVERY DAY. Can you wear a little black dress every day? I think not.


    Get them from Asos for $29 (available in sizes 4W-11W).

    19. Liz Clairborne sandals you can truly pair with any piece of clothing in your wardrobe, whether that be your favorite high-waisted jeans or that floral maxi dress you've yet to wear BUT YOU WILL SOON!


    Get them from JCPenney for $35.99 (originally $60, available in sizes 5-12 and in seven colors and wide sizes).

    20. Lace-up sneakers that look significantly more expensive than they actually are. I've eaten an ice cream cone that costs more than these shoes (welcome to NYC living).


    Get them from Boohoo for $12 (originally $24, available in sizes 5-10).

    21. Dr. Scholl's pool slides perfect for the (surprise) pool. And they're available in such a bright color that you'll never be able to lose sight of 'em. / Via @drschollsshoes

    Get them from Nordstrom for $19.96 (originally $39.95, available in sizes 6-8).

    22. Strappy sandals that require absolutely NO break-in time. Take 'em straight out of the box, put them on your feet, and be on your merry way. (Psst, over 4,000 people SWEAR by these shoes.)


    Promising review: "These fit the bill for a comfortable summer sandal! I did not realize how comfortable they would be. The rope design is soft and strong without cutting into my foot, they don't require any break-in time, and they fit very nicely." β€”KewlSoles

    Get them from Amazon for $29.95+ (available in sizes 5-11 and in 17 colors).

    Read more about these strappy sandals.

    23. Patent slingback block heels to banish all digs through closet β€”> finds nothing to wear on feet β€”> cancels plans scenarios. Long gone will be the days of the "I'm actually not going to make it..." texts on account of not knowing what shoes to wear.

    Nasty Gal

    Get them from Nasty Gal for $24 (originally $60, available in sizes 5-10).

    24. Flip flops perfect for any casual affair, whether spending a day at the beach or going for a walk with your dog. The opportunities for these shoes to be worn = endless.,

    Promising review: "These are AMAZING. I usually wear a size 8.5 in shoes so I ordered a size 9, and they fit great as far as length. These are comfy and great quality (I have flat feet) and are a total steal for the price. Not flimsy at all." β€”LUCKYSHOT13

    Get them from Amazon for $13+ (available in sizes 5-13 and in nine colors).

    25. Snake-inspired ankle booties that'll be slithering into your shopping cart faster than you can say β€œAT WHAT POINT did snakeskin become so popular???!” I’m not sure of the answer, but hiss hiss because I am allllll for the trend.


    Get them from Boohoo for $35 (originally $70, available in sizes 5-10).

    26. Madewell sandals you'll reach for over and over (and over and over) again. World, welcome your newest summer staple.


    Get it from Nordstrom for $39.50 (originally $59.50, available in sizes 5.5-11).

    27. Chelsea ankle boots that may seem like a winter shoe, but SURPRISE! You can totally pair these with your favorite denim shorts for an instantly edgy look.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these! They are really comfortable, and exactly what I was looking for! I ordered my normal size and they fit perfectly, but maybe order a size up if you have wider feet." β€”ellmichelle

    Get it from Amazon for $23.02+ (available in sizes 5.5-11 and in four colors).

    When you realize you can cheaply replace your ruby slippers:

    Loew's, Inc.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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