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    33 Inexpensive Dresses You'll Want To Wear All Summer Long

    Step away from the denim, folks. The time for summer dresses has arrived.

    1. A cold shoulder maxi dress so trendy, it's practically a requirement to have a photo shoot whilst wearing it. Congratulations on your newest #ootd, now prepare for at least 500K new followers.

    2. A smocked mini dress for whenever you're running late, which is pretty much always. Just slip this on, pair it with any shoe, throw your hair into a chic messy bun (emphasis on the messy), and that's it! You're ready. No one will notice that you were *ahem* 45 minutes late.

    3. A t-shirt dress that must be the child of summertime Christmas because this is here to bring you tidings of comfort and JOY. This cozy maxi is the perfect thing to throw on and is *super* easy to dress up.

    4. A belted mini dress so inexpensive, I'm pretty sure I've bought iced coffee that costs more. ("I have NO idea where all of my money goes," I say to myself as I sip on my third iced coffee of the day.)

    5. An off-shoulder maxi dress that does NOT include an all-expenses-paid trip to Prague as seen below (rude), but if you happen to have a vacation planned? Say hello to your stylish daily uniform.

    6. A button-up midi dress you should truly pack in your carry-on. If your luggage gets lost (which has never happened to me hahahaha), have peace of mind knowing that you can wear this *one* item every single day of your vacation.

    7. A fitted jersey dress available in the most vibrant, unique hue gracing the runways this season: black.

    8. A sleeveless halter dress featuring a gorgeous lace-up back, the kind that you can tighten/loosen for a fit that feels custom tailored to you.

    9. A bandana print dress you can pair with a snazzy straw hat and BAM! You are ~romantic stroll by the beach date~ ready.

    10. A high neck A-line dress made from a soft, lightweight knit that won't stick to your skin the *second* a hint of humidity hits. Hallelujah for fabrics that don't cling to even the sweatiest parts of your body.

    11. A halter mini dress available in 22 gorgeous color and pattern combos. Will you spend the next several hours deciding which color and pattern combo to purchase? Probably. To all the indecisive folks out there, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    12. A square neck sundress you'll find yourself wearing at least eight days a week (😉) because of how versatile it is. You'll be able to easily dress this up or down depending on the social function you *sigh* have to attend.

    13. A simple off-the-shoulder dress with a high-low hem, which means it's slightly longer in the back. Who's going to spend the night fearing that their underwear is saying peek-a-boo? Not you!

    14. A porcelain print skater dress so gorgeous that I now understand the whole concept of ~love at first sight~. Maybe Shakespeare wasn't completely off about the whole Romeo/Juliet thing.

    15. An A-line midi dress featuring an itty bitty cutout. Uncle Joey, this is where you step in to tell everyone to ~cut it out~ with the compliments.

    16. A jersey knit tank dress you'll be able to quickly throw on when you've agreed to meet your friends for lunch at 2:30. The time is now 3:15 and you've got to hurry it up.

    17. A cheetah print dress that is easy, comfy, and cute. If you're looking for a wearable soulmate, I strongly believe you've just found it.

    18. A ruffled dress you can easily dress up with wedges and dress down with sandals. I’m pretty sure this should be a visual aid next to the dictionary definition of “versatile”

    19. A basic t-shirt dress you can hypothetically wear 365 days a year. Pair this with some statement jewelry, your favorite booties, and BAM! You're now both comfortable and stylish, and it took about 0% effort to get you there.

    20. A bodycon dress that I have two words for: summer wedding. If you’re planning on celebrating some nuptials this season, this gorgeous little number goes above and beyond the dress code.

    21. A yellow tie-waist dress symbolic of all the sun your body will FINALLY be getting after a long few months of hibernation. Vitamin D, it's been too long.

    22. A sleeveless dress because humidity has arrived and with it, an endless amount of sweat. Presenting the easiest way to wear as little clothing as possible while still feeling dressed up enough to go your office building/the grocery store/a dinner date. You’re welcome.

    23. An off-shoulder maxi dress so gorgeous, you’ll struggle to keep it out of the grubby paws of your roommate (who steals your clothes and your food more than your own flesh and blood does).

    24. A floral mini dress you'll find yourself grabbing over and over (and over) again. Folks, say hello to your new go-to wardrobe staple. Please remember to wash it every once in a while.

    25. A bodycon dress that has pockets. Don't know how to pose your arms in a picture without looking awkward? Bam! Pockets to the rescue. Tuck your hands in and call yourself chic.

    26. A button-up dress that can be worn with 1) sneakers, 2) heels, 3) sandals, 4) flip-flops, 5) wedges, 6) mules, 7) booties, and 8) Crocs. You can even wear it with Uggs if you're feeling especially bold.

    27. A black bodycon dress with no expiration date. This LBD will be in style from now until the Year 3000 and yes, that is a Jonas Brothers reference.

    28. A V-neck maxi dress made from a light, breezy material that'll feel like an answered prayer in the summer humidity. No more heavy fabric to remind you of how sweaty / in desperate need of a shower you are.

    29. A fit-to-flare dress that'll have you humming 🎶 itsy bitsy teenie weenie 🎶 even though you are wearing neither a bikini or the color yellow.

    30. A flutter sleeve tie-waist maxi dress that I’m going to go ahead and add to my own shopping cart. Excuse me while I sign into Prime and submit my own personal order.

    31. A semi-nautical off-shoulder striped dress to fool everyone into thinking you’re some sort of fashion-forward sailor who’s never experienced sea sickness in their life. No sir! Not you!

    32. A ruffled dress to prove that — SURPRISE — mermaids exist. Do you see that mermaid silhouette? You’ll be walking, talking proof of Ariel’s existence.

    33. A V-cut dress with a whole lotta lace overlay, and a whole lotta fancy. Not sure what to wear to the birthday party for a distant relative who is mysteriously rich? Wear this! A glass of champagne in hand will match perfectly.

    You in your new dress:

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