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    If You're Leaving For A Trip In Two Days, These 36 Travel Products Are On Prime

    You call it procrastination, I call it...not that.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A memory foam seat cushion with an ergonomic design and gel layer that prevents bad posture and provides ultimate support. If your tush tends to hurt after a mere three seconds of sitting, this will take your train ride from "this is taking forever" to "wow, these last five hours breezed by."

    2. A portable stand that transforms your train tray table into a personal movie theatre. Download some movies onto your phone or tablet, prop 'em on this thing, and BAM! Just break out some snacks and the discomfort of traveling will be completely forgotten.

    reviewer using the phone mount

    3. Cable ties because tangled charging cords and headphones are the second most frustrating thing on the planet. (Forgetting said charging cords and headphones at home is #1.)

    the cable tie

    4. A tiny laundry bag to keep your dirty socks and wine-stained tops away from all your clean, fresh clothes. And when not in use, this folds up into a tiny compact bag you can attach onto your carry-on!

    5. An anti-theft belt currently moonlighting as a fashion accessory to help hold up your mid-rise jeans when, in fact, it functions as a secret purse. This is actually equipped with a "secret" wallet for storing valuables whilst walking through a new city.

    the belt

    6. A super compact jewelry organizer with enough slots to keep your baubles readily accessible and easy-to-find. PLUS! This will help you NOT lose all your jewelry while on vacation. Because traveling = poor organization = forgetting your favorite earrings in an Airbnb and never seeing them again.

    7. Storage bags for your shoes, ones that keep smelly odors away from your fancy clothes *but* have clear windows — that way you can pull the pair you're looking for without having to play the guessing game of "which pair of heels did I shove into this nondescript plastic bag?"

    reviewer using the shoe bags

    8. A contoured sleep mask because — and gird your loins here — afternoon naps CAN be better. This helps alleviate pressure and prevents daylight from ruining your snooze, plus the seamless elastic means it won't snag your hair in the process.

    9. A travel tray perfect for any accompanying kiddos. This collapsible accessory is equipped with a detachable cup holder, iPad viewing stand for Cocomelon marathons, side storage pockets for toys and other knickknacks, plus a dry erase drawing surface base.

    reviewer using the tray

    10. A dual voltage mini steam iron if you purchased a dress *specifically* for your vacation and the material is prone to deep wrinkles. No worries! This compact gadget guarantees all 'fits will look crisp as heck, despite being stuffed into an overpacked carry-on for several hours.

    the iron

    11. A digital luggage scale — all I can say is that it's worth the $10 if you're prone to overpacking and have, on more than occasion, been forced to pay an additional $100 luggage fee.

    the luggage scale

    12. Luggage tags available in a bunch of vibrant, distinguishable colors that make spotting your suitcase at baggage claim into a no-fuss breeze.

    13. A large travel wallet because there is NOTHING WORSE than losing a connecting boarding pass while on a plane. Is it underneath your seat? In the carry-on you stored in the overhead compartment? DID YOU DROP IT EN ROUTE TO THE PLANE? I don't know, I'm tired — just get this and save yourself the potential headache.

    14. Low-top sneakers with elastic bands in lieu of laces. This means that you'll be able to slip your kicks on and off, rather than having to tie and untie every few seconds. AIRPORT SECURITY, WYA?

    reviewer wearing the sneakers in leopard print

    15. Silicone travel bottles because — regardless if you're staying in a 10-person hostel or five-star resort — complimentary shampoo is almost always trash. These bottles come with pre-printed labels that allow you to bring your favorite hair and body products along for the trip.

    reviewer holding the silicone bottles

    16. A copy of Mad Libs on the Road reviewers swear is an affordable and super entertaining way to curb all "are we there yet?" whining. It functions the way any Mad Lib activity does: Choose random verbs and nouns to fill in the blanks — a hilarious story and keepsake in one.

    17. A splurge-worthy Slip sleep mask crafted from pure silk that feels like [insert something very soft here] against your skin. And! As opposed to any cotton alternatives, this won't absorb moisture from your complexion or cause bedhead.

    the white and black marble sleep mask

    18. Compression socks to keep your adorable little piggies (AKA your feet) from swelling up. TL: DR; These help prevent leg soreness, cramping, *and* use a moisture-wicking fabric.

    reviewer wearing knee-high white compression socks

    19. A travel drink caddy if wheeling across terminals with your carry-on and (as the airlines dub it) your personal item aka your purse has lead to several an airport Starbucks drink being spilled. This props iced coffee and water bottles upright so you can pull out your boarding pass with ease.

    20. Neoprene handle wraps available fluorescent colors you can hypothetically spot from space. Or at the very least, you can spot them from baggage claim.

    the handle wrap

    21. BPA-free covers if you've gotten into the habit of flinging your toothbrush into your foundation-covered makeup bag and calling it a day. When you think about it: ew. This tiny gadget keeps grime off the bristles that are intended to disinfect your mouth.

    the toothbrush cover

    22. Packing cubes capable of helping you fit your entire 👏 friggin' 👏 wardrobe 👏 inside your carry-on. Plus, this keeps everything lookin' niiiiice and neat.

    reviewer using the packing cubes

    23. A TSA-approved transparent organizer so that you don't have to fish around your suitcase for liquids (and then stuff them in a clear baggy) while going through airport security. Flying is nerve-wracking enough. Let's not be panicking about whether or not our favorite moisturizer will be unjustly confiscated.

    the organizer

    24. A mini cushioned Ostrich Pillow you can slip on over your hand for deep sleep that feels genuinely restful (no small feat on a bumpy train ride). Prop open your tray table, rest your hand, then rest your head. *falls asleep immediately*

    25. An Energizer clip-on light that can be easily slipped on over that engrossing thriller paperback you're reading. Rather than turning on the overhead light (which will make your seatmates want to murder you), this allows you to continue reading without disturbing anyone's beauty sleep.

    the light

    26. A wallet-sized organizer ideal for storing beauty products *or* other essentials, cc: folded socks and underwear. It's also magnifique for jewelry storage and ensures your necklaces don't become a tangled mess by the time you get to baggage claim.

    27. A memory foam foot rest because maybe they advertised that your seat will have one, but guess what? It's not functioning. This little sling allows you to truly ~kick your feet up~ and relax, promoting circulation and helping you feel less cramped than in your tiny seat.

    reviewer using the foot rest

    28. A collapsible Nomader water bottle you can roll up and stow away when not in use, the perfect accessory to pack if your weekender tote is basically about to burst.

    29. A portable pack of soap sheets that will certainly come in ~handy~ because train toilets — and the decorative dispensers that never contain soap — shouldn't have to feel like the enemy.

    The pink plastic container with ears and a nose, plus the pink paper-thin soap sheets

    30. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite with a built-in adjustable light that makes reading easy wherever you go, whether it's sunlit beaches or an overnight train ride in which you can't turn on the overhead light for fear of being hated by your aisle mates. Plus, a single battery charge lasts for weeks.

    31. A lipstick-sized portable charger so that your phone DOES NOT DIE in the middle of that Law & Order: SVU season you downloaded SPECIFICALLY for this train ride. And while trains offer a USB port on each chair, we know the drill. Sometimes they don't work. When they do, it takes one million hours to get it up to a full charge. It's fine. We're fine.

    the charger

    32. Anti-nausea ginger gum perfect for pregnancy morning sickness *or* long road trips and train rides. Avoiding having to pull over will become as easy as one, two, chew.

    the gum

    33. A compact contact lens case equipped with a mirror, contact lens case, a mini solution bottle, a tweezer tool for pulling out your contacts from the case, and a contact remover tool — all in a chic little package.

    34. Disposable silicone earplugs because ear pain during air travel is REAL, and babies have every reason to cry because of it. Just saying.

    the ear plugs

    35. A mini Gillette Venus razor so you can shave whilst traveling without having to bring bulky tools. Just stow this palm-sized bb into whichever corner of your messy carryon; rest assured that the blades won't snag on any of your beloved clothes (all thanks to the case it comes with).

    36. An I Dew Care lip balm that addresses chapped lips once and for all. This functions as a sleeping mask — apply this shea butter, cocoa butter, hibiscus flower extract, and vitamin C mask formula after you board and all in-flight movies will be accessorized with a nourished pout. No flakes. Ever again.

    the pink lip balm with reviewer text that says "this has saved my lips"

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