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    If Your Shopping Cart Is Currently Empty, These 28 Inexpensive Things Are Here To Help

    Featuring fleece-lined leggings for anyone trying to walk their dog in the Arctic (a.k.a. Northeast).

    1. A four-pack of wall mounts because you're sick of opening closet doors to be attacked by an avalanche of falling brooms, mops, and dustpans. These renter-friendly mounts have adhesive backs that are surprisingly durable, plus installation couldn't be any simpler — simply un-peel and stick.

    reviewer using the adhesive

    2. A round ice cube tray for ritzy cocktails and coffee alike. This set comes with two 30-cube trays, a bucket, and a scoop, ideal for fridges that don't have built-in makers and for folks who always seem to run out of ice at the worst of times.

    reviewer using the ice

    3. A snail dispenser that transforms the mundane task of washing your hands or doing the dishes into a fun ritual. This little dude stores and dispenses liquid soap (simply press the top of the shell) and is easy to refill.

    4. Fleece-lined leggings described by one reviewer as a magical furry leg dream and wow, what a compliment. These babies will keep you warm in freezing temperatures best described as "I can see my breath."

    5. A beginner embroidery kit that comes with a patterned cloth, a hoop, instructions, a floss thread set, and needles for a foolproof activity with end results that should be framed.

    a close-up shot of embroidery art

    6. A Frank Body scalp scrub because clarifying shampoo is great at getting rid of grease, but it'll also chase the color out of your hair faster than you can say ~ghosted.~ This coffee, rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint blend gets rid of the built-up gunk in your roots so that you don't feel greasy a mere three hours after exiting the shower. You'll feel squeaky clean! And your blond highlights will remain totally safe!

    7. An E.l.f. sleeping mask if cold winter air means your skin needs an extra punch of moisture. Apply a thin layer of this hyaluronic acid (to hydrate), peptides (to promote cell turnover), and ceramides (to lock in moisture) formula after completing your nighttime routine; wake up with a quenched, brightened complexion.

    the moisturizer

    8. A ceramic spoon holder for adding a splash of cottage-core to your kitchen, even if you live smack-dab in the middle of a city and several thousand miles away from the idyllic countryside.

    9. A five-window insulation kit that prevents the cold from seeping in and making your radiator obsolete — all you'll need is measuring tape, scissors, a hair dryer, and a few minutes of time.

    reviewer photo of insulated window and air conditioner

    10. A skin spatula for an at-home facial that *feels* like a splurge. Dead skin cells, leftover makeup, blackheads, and whiteheads will be sloughed away thanks to high-frequency vibrations that replicate all the ~slightly gross yet extremely satisfying~ TikTok videos that have taken up an alarming amount of your time.

    11. A trio of Rifle Paper. Co notebooks crafted from durable, cardstock covers with illustrations inspired by cities around the world. Use these to jot dot down everyday to-dos *or* to streamline your bucket list.

    the notebook

    12. Spike earrings about to lock in the title of your new favorite accessory. They're dainty enough that they go with everything in your closet *but* are a bit more daring than your average studs.

    reviewer wearing the earrings

    13. An essential cropped tank that has most likely been blessed by a fairy godmother. Why? This takes your basic cami and goes *poof.* An instantly chic upgrade is yours for the taking due to this high-neck silhouette.

    14. A universal plush cover for anyone who feels like they've brushed against Jack Frost's soul whenever they touch their steering wheel mid-winter. I understand. It hurts. Thankfully this ~beary~ good car accessory can remedy that problem in a second.

    reviewer photo of the gray bear cover on steering wheel

    15. A low- to medium-impact pull-on sports bra reviewers swear is comfortable enough to sleep in, aka that afternoon nap after slipping this on? Absolutely justified. No underwire and breathable fabric means you won't wake up sweating. (One reviewer referred to this as a "boob cloud" and wow?)

    Reviewer wearing the sports bra in black

    16. A Handmade Heroes coconut lip scrub to prep your pout for the bold lipstick you plan on wearing to brunch in the morning. This delivers on its promise of smooth, moisturized lips thanks to ingredients like sugar, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and more.

    a hand holding the lip scrub jar

    17. A tiny Bluetooth FM transmitter adapter if your car isn't old, it's just... an antique. Hands-free calling and *finally* getting rid of that annoying aux chord are yours for the taking: Plug this into your utility port/cigarette lighter, connect your cell, and voila. So long having to listen to radio talk shows too early in the morning because you can't stream Spotify.

    reviewer holding quarter next to bluetooth adapter

    18. An I Dew Care dry shampoo, a non-aerosol alternative for vacuuming up grease with a vengeance. An effective trio of biotin, black ginseng, and root-boosting powder comes in genius packaging — a small container with an attached puff for application that's as easy as dab, dab, dab.

    19. A three-pack of color drip candles to turn the act of a birthday wish come true into a work of Picasso proportions. Reviewers swear that all you'll need is an empty wine glass (or old candelabra) to begin your foray into art.

    reviewers drip candles in antique candelabras

    20. A watering funnel that gives you no choice but to water your plants. The amount of water that has pooled on your floor rather than into the roots of that ZZ... ridiculous, quite frankly! This is effective, takes up no extra space, doesn't look like an eyesore, and gets a task (one that you constantly put off) out of the way.

    water being funneled into plant

    21. A copy of The Antiquarian Sticker Book rightfully described by one reviewer as "mysterious and spooky." This features 1,000+ Victorian-inspired stickers that will make you feel as if you're flipping through a creepy carnival book — but like, in the best way possible.

    22. A body brush that costs less than $10 and is designed with a stretchy handle to make scrubbing a breeze. Before hopping in the tub, ~brush~ your body with the bristles below to promote lymphatic drainage and exfoliation.

    the brush

    23. A Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface scrub capable of getting rid of grime with little elbow grease required. From scorched pans and crusty faucets to bathtubs in need of serious TLC, say hello to your new favorite cleaning product.

    24. An Energizer clip-on light that can be easily slipped on over that engrossing thriller paperback you're reading whilst traveling. Rather than turning on the overhead light (and annoying your seatmates), this allows you to continue reading without disturbing anyone's beauty sleep.

    the light

    25. A John Frieda brunette-enhancing glaze ideal for anyone trying to extend time between salon visits *or* anyone trying to nix salon visits altogether. This weekly treatment focuses on maximizing shine for a mirror-like effect while bringing out your natural brown color.

    26. A TubShroom drain protector invented by a wizard to catch all the hair in your shower (the kind that inevitably leads to clogs). Just think of this magic weapon as your new bathroom bodyguard *and* an easy way to avoid emergency phone calls to your plumber.

    reviewer photo of orange tubshroom with hair

    27. A Luv Scrub mesh body exfoliator that stretches up to 50 inches, aka back scrubs will no longer require contortionist-worthy flexibility. Skin smoother than any baby's rear end is yours for the taking with this pink shower must-have.

    28. A set of LED Under-cabinet lights to make any teeny kitchen feel more spacious, more inviting, and less like a dungeon made worse by bad fluorescence. You can even keep these on overnight to reduce the chance of ghost encounters on your way to grab a glass of water.

    kitchen with plain white stock cabinets with lights underneath them to make it look so much better

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.