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    Here's A Bunch Of Spring Clothing To Help You Kiss Winter Goodbye

    Can't wait to mix some pastels into my usually all-black ensembles!

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    1. A simple shift dress available in a whole banana bunch of colors and prints. Like Pokémon, you'll want to catch 'em all.

    2. A denim drawstring dress to pay homage to the leg prisons — erm, jeans — that kept you warm all winter. Thnx for the memories.

    3. A convertible crop top with ruched detailing that lets you adjust the length. Make it a little longer! Make it a little shorter! Follow your dreams.

    4. A high-rise denim skirt that will probably make your heart sing. It is a wild thing, after all.

    5. A batwing blouse that is the perfect transition from days at the office to much-needed after-work happy hours. I shall repeat: much-needed.

    6. A floral embroidered blouse because SPRING IS HERE and the florals are BLOOMING. Goodbye, naked trees and dead grass.

    7. A cream-colored fitted top you can pair with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, midi skirt, mini skirts, pencil skirts, a-line skirts. Lots of skirts.

    8. Belted capri trousers sure to ~leaf~ a wonderful impression on anyone who sees you wearing 'em.

    9. A pleated midi skirt made for Boomerangs. Just spin, snap, post, and BAM. You're guaranteed at least one million likes.

    10. A dotted dress so vintage Hollywood glam, you'll add a fake beauty mark above your lip and turn into Marilyn Monroe before you know it. **

    11. A lightweight trench coat in a gorgeous blue color that just might make you swoon. Just be sure to swoon onto a soft surface. Safety first.

    12. A cropped denim jacket embellished with faux pearls. This look says "my style is effortless and I could probably be a fashion blogger if I wanted to."

    13. A racerback jumpsuit sure to ~jump~ into your shopping cart as soon as you lay your eyes on it. Don't fight it. It's destiny.

    14. A satin wrap cami in a peach blush color sure to make you blush. Why? Everyone will stop and compliment you on it.

    15. A wrap cardigan complete with a belt that ties around your waist. Who cares about the rumble, honestly? Let's get ready to layer.

    16. A peasant dress that absolutely belongs on your "Boho Chic" Pinterest board. Just add some cool booties and you are all SET.

    17. An embroidered bardot top to let your poor shoulders see some sunlight. They just wanna soak it up, you know?

    18. A mustard-colored dress that's already ahead of the style game. Everyone else needs to ketchup with it.

    19. A v-neck top so inexpensive, your wallet may actually weep tears of joy. (Maybe empty it in advance so your cash and cards don't get all soggy.)

    20. A button-up maxi dress to make you feel like royalty. A tiara is unfortunately not included but hey, whatcha gonna do?

    21. Pastel-colored leggings for the indoor-to-outdoor workout transition. That's right, friends, the time of going for a jog without freezing to death is here.

    22. A matching crop top and skirt you can mix and match with a whole bunch of different pieces in your closet. Versatility, folks.

    23. A striped dress because striped sweaters are so last season. I'm sure Spongebob would approve of this change.

    24. A pleated midi skirt available in gorgeous blue and silver hues. (Psst, the blue version has a mesh overlay.)

    25. A nautical-themed collared top obsessed with the beach. Just be careful! It's been known to sail away...

    26. Ankle-length slacks to turn you legs into walking botanical gardens. Plus! They're made from a stretch cotton satin that makes 'em comfy, too.

    27. A smocked romper known to inspire some impromptu enchanted forrest strolls. Proof, below.

    28. A ruched sleeve blazer that will completely change the way you think. How? Now, you'll just think pink. All the time.

    29. A faux suede jacket you can layer over any ensemble. Chilly weather = no longer a problem on springtime nights.

    30. A calf-length dress made from a super soft, super cozy jersey material. Will you want to sleep in this? Yeah, probably.

    31. A spotted maxi dress plucked straight from the set of Pretty in Pink. (Side note: she should've ended up with Duckie.)

    32. A pocket tee you'll want to stock up on in every color available. Why? It's the perfect soft, lightweight, you-can-wear-this-all-the-time top.

    33. A denim mini dress to channel a more modern circa 2001 Britney Spears. (You know, that infamous denim dress she wore with JT.)

    34. A skater dress that is officially changing its name to "sk8er" dress. Apparently, it's obsessed with Avril Lavigne?

    35. A flared midi skirt available in a whole bunch of colors and kitschy patterns. Lemons! Flamingos! Bananas! Oh my!

    36. A lightweight duster jacket to protect you from the (very lovely) slight breeze associated with springtime. Wow, are those chirping birds I hear?

    37. A midi dress with POCKETS (!!!!) that can actually be worn all year long. But for spring? Add a denim jacket and you are good to go.

    38. A splurge-worthy gingham dress that wants a trip to the Italian countryside. It wants wine tastings and leisurely bike rides. It wants romance.

    39. A mini skirt you can pair with any darn shirt in your closet. And hello, adorable little tortoise buttons!

    40. Denim overalls you'll keep in your closet forever. Why? They have great retention, the perfect amount of stretch, and are just so darn cute.

    41. A pleated dress with gorgeous lace-ups that lets your back say "peek-a-boo, I finally see you."

    42. High-waisted pants you can wear to the office AND to those after work drinks with Janet.

    Me to all these clothes RN:

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