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    22 Gorgeous Pieces Of Jewelry From Etsy

    *Puts down the mini gold hoops for a second.*

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A personalized bracelet that's best described as dainty thanks to its simple chain detailing and an elegant script font, which can be customized with the name of a loved one (the loved one in this context for me = my pride and joy, my dog).

    the bracelet

    2. A pack of handmade gemstone earrings for folks who prefer simplicity but want something a bit more elevated than cubic zirconia studs. I feel that.

    the earrings

    3. A chunky hoop because fancy-ing up an outfit can be as easy as one, two, swap out your studs. These beauties look like a hunk of art with reviewers swearing that they're super lightweight, to boot. All hail a statement accessory that doesn't cause sore earlobes.

    4. A custom ring that's inspired by your favorite cityscape (or the one you're currently living in now). Think spots like New Orleans, New York, Paris, or Prague adorning your digits.

    model wearing the ring

    5. A hexagonal ring that's about to become the ~buzz~ of your jewelry box (sorry not sorry). This accessory is dainty enough to be worn every day, but the unique design separates it from the other basic baubles you usually wear.

    model wearing the ring

    6. A pendant necklace that's truly worthy of a Shakespearean novel because I, for one, now officially believe in love at first sight. This is available in several designs, colors and lengths, making these customizable *and* unique.

    model holding the pendants

    7. An earring jacket if you want pizzazz but don't want to commit to the weight of a statement accessory. This lightweight piece provides a flash of sparkle but won't feel heavy on your lobes.

    model wearing the earrings

    8. A sterling silver ring serving Charmed vibes (we only acknowledge the '90s original in this house) and I mean that in the best, most complimentary way possible.

    model wearing the ring

    9. A dainty ring that features a freshwater pearl — the luster and design of which will have you develop heart eyes like an old-timey cartoon character whenever you glance down at your hand.

    10. A pair of lightning bolt earrings inspired by David Bowie's Aladdin Sane album to add a bold statement to even the most mundane outfit. Black leggings? Wrinkled white tee? Throw these on and suddenly you're a trendy style blogger with hair that isn't messy, it's tousled.

    the red and blue lightning bot earrings

    11. A pair of pearl drop earrings that you'll likely wear to every RSVP-requiring occasion henceforth. A clutch + these earrings = your new wedding uniform.

    the earrings

    12. A Herkimer diamond necklace that's available in a salt and pepper hue, which is apt considering that *this* piece of jewelry will be the only flavor my outfits will ever need going forward. "The necklace is the outfit" I'll say to the reflection of an oversized tee and leggings staring back at me.

    model wearing the necklace

    13. A turquoise statement ring to make a statement on your digits whenever you slip it on. Manicure-less nails and mauled cuticles? No longer a problem, because this gorg accessory will divert everyone's eyes, every single time.

    model wearing the ring

    14. A custom necklace that can be personalized with your name and birth flower, the latter of which scratches the itch of buying a fresh bouquet (without having to pull out a vase and fill said vase with water).

    the necklace

    15. A set of ear cuffs if you want additional piercings but are simply too chicken to go through with it. Your first one happened at the age of one! Claire’s is scary! TL;DR: These climbers will add more to your lobes, no needles required.

    model wearing the earrings

    16. An origami necklace that's ideal for folks with the word "wanderlust" permanently embedded into their DNA. This teeny paper airplane will let you keep travel adventures close to your heart at all times.

    model wearing the necklace

    17. A custom beaded bracelet if you love accessories emblazoned with your name but were never a fan of the gold name tag necklace. "That's not my name," screamed The Ting Tings as they held up their wrist to show off the below.

    the bracelets

    18. A dainty zodiac necklace if you will. not. stand. for the Scorpio slander. Yes, I'm passionate. Yes, I'm bossy. Yes, I am very proud.

    hand holding the necklace

    19. A pair of handmade resin earrings for the perfect in-between. This basic hunk of beauty is *just* the stuff when you want to zhush up a basic black dress but don’t feel like wearing anything too bold.

    the earrings

    20. Or a pair of handmade space earrings if you'd like to give your beloved studs a break this Saturday night. Replace 'em with these fun beauties instead, if not for the compliments then for the excuse to use this pun: "Aren't they out of this world?"

    hand holding the earrings

    21. A chain name ring that's great for gifting to friends (hello, bridal party idea) and loved ones. What's more romantic than wearing my S.O.'s name around my index finger? The answer is nothing.

    model wearing the ring

    22. A wish bracelet that has a higher accuracy rate than any shooting star. Simply make a wish and when the string breaks, BAM — 'tis granted. Consider this tangible luck.

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