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29 Easy And Unexpected Ways To Make Your Home A Better Place

Break out the ruby slippers because there's about to be NO place like home.

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1. Turn boring white tiles into a fun, modern-looking backsplash that'll make your kitchen look like it's been recently remodeled.


4. Use mason jars for pretty (and visible) bathroom storage, or create centerpieces reminiscent of the ones everyone fights over after a party.,

"Who's taking home the centerpiece?" everyone nervously asks when the wedding is over and done with.

Get a set of six blue mason jars from Amazon for $33.74.

7. Maximize space by using curtains in lieu of doors, making it easier to access every corner of your closet.

This works especially great for people with ~wider~ closets who typically need to use large sliding or folding doors. I can personally attest.

Get a similar white curtain from Amazon for $10.99.

Get the full instructions from Urban Acreage here.


10. Use hook magnets to store items on your fridge in a way guaranteed to make you say "awww" whenever you reach for the scissors.

Get a set of six magnetic hooks from Amazon for $9.19 (available in four colors).

Get the full instructions from Tiny Canal Cottage here.

11. Get the exposed brick walls of your Pinterest dreams with this peel-and-stick adhesive that is simply disguised as brick.


12. DIY this rose-petal backdrop and never struggle to find a good place for Instagram photos again. CAN I GET AN AMEN?

Homey Oh My / Via

The craft above features real rose petals, but it can just as easily be made by using fake ones!

Get a pack of three similar rose garlands from Amazon for $25.99.

Get the full instructions from Homey Oh My here.

13. Use LED candles to give you the same romantic effect as regular soy candles, without the guilt of wasting all that expensive scented wax.

**buys candle that costs $18**

**never uses it because they don't want to waste it**

Get a pack of three LED candles from Amazon for $17.99.

15. Transform ugly metal filing cabinets into works of art with black spray paint and gold leaf sheets. Staying organized has never looked so good.

Get a similar black spray paint from Amazon for $3.98 and gold leaf sheets from Ace for $9.99.

Get the full instructions from A Beautiful Mess here.


16. Add brass-plated corners to make old pieces of furniture look brand new. They can be used for coffee tables, vanities, and pretty much any surface with corners.

18. Turn your jewelry into an aesthetic masterpiece by storing it in a frame that allows you to see just how many earrings you actually have.

Which, in my case, is a lot.

Get striped fabric from Amazon for $8.98.

Get the full instructions from Kristi Murphy here.

19. Create a canvas out of your kitchen walls with white chalkboard paint you'll be able to write on using any ROY G. BIV color.


This may be a better option than traditional black chalkboard because you'll have none of the white residue!

Get a quart of Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint from World Paint Supply for $18.99 (the color pictured above is "woodmont cream").

Get the full instructions from A Beautiful Mess here.


20. Spray-paint vases for a gorgeous touch to your vanity area. Fill them with fake flowers that'll last all year!

Or fill them with real ones, as pictured above. Whatever floats your boat.

Get Rust-Oleum spray paint from Amazon for $5.68.

Get the full instructions from Homey Oh My here.

21. Make your door stand apart from allllllll the other ones in the neighborhood by painting it a beautiful, one-of-a-kind color.,

Fun fact: I've stopped buying avocado toast so I could eventually purchase a home and paint the door brick red.

Get Modern Masters door paint from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in 24 colors).

22. Upgrade your faucet with paint to make washing your face and brushing your teeth seem like a total luxury.

**brushes her teeth for 10 minutes just to look at her beautiful new sink**

Get this Rust-Oleum paint from Amazon for $8.87 (the color used above is "metallic oil-rubbed bronze").

Get the full instructions from Sincerely Sara D here.


26. Use vibrant-colored contact paper to DIY these awesome colorblock stair raisers. Never complain about walking up the stairs again!

**huffs and puffs but refuses to complain**

Get orange contact paper from Amazon for $20.04.

Get the full instructions from Lonny here.