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    34 Dresses You'll Want To Wear With Tights And Booties

    Put your jeans away, people. You think a little rain, snow, and sleet can keep you from wearing dresses? HA.

    1. A turtleneck dress with lace detailing you'll want to pair with some denim and riding boots. All of that = the perfect outfit.

    2. A cowlneck dress made from a super soft, super cozy jersey material. Will you want to sleep in this? Probably. Should you? Why the heck not!

    3. A floral faux wrap dress currently on sale for 57% off, so I'm not quite sure what you're still doing here.

    4. A metallic blazer dress you'll want to rock at your corporate holiday party this year. Why NOT trick your coworkers into thinking you lead a trendy lifestyle on the weekends?

    5. A stretchy knit dress available in a banana bunch of colors — 27 to be exact! I wish you luck in all of your future "how am I supposed to choose just one" endeavors.

    6. A fit-to-flare dress sure to add a bit of ~flair~ to your wardrobe. That neckline! Those stripes! THE SLEEVES! So yummy.

    7. A turtleneck bodycon dress that laughs in the face of winter. Denim? Forget about it. Wear this fashion-forward piece instead.*

    8. A ribbed knit dress so cozy, you'll want to lounge around the house whilst wearing it.

    9. A swing dress in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. This thing is constantly giving me the ~cold~ shoulder.

    10. A crepe shift dress in a fun cat print that will have you ~feline~ yourself every darn time you put it on!

    11. A fitted sweater dress for shoulders that refuse to be tamed, à la Miley Cyrus in 2010.

    12. A crewneck dress with pockets (!!!!) that will basically feel like an extension of your coziest, most beloved sweatshirt. Just pair this with some over-the-knee boots to become the epitome of ~fashun~.

    13. A plaid a-line dress you can wear with any layer your heart desires. Long-sleeve tees! Blazers! Tights! Cardigans! It pairs perfectly with anything.

    14. A ribbed sweater dress that stops right below the knee, so you won't have to worry about it being OMG-this-looks-like-a-top-WTF short.

    15. A surplice dress featuring some gorgeous velvet and a fit-to-flare silhouette. Is that drool? Are you drooling? Well, this is awkward.

    16. A sequin swing dress because NYE is fast approaching, and do we want to go through what we did last year? Frantically searching for a dress nine hours before the NYE party? Don't think so.

    17. A fit-to-flare dress complete with an adorable bow to cinch at your waist. HELLO, HOURGLASS SILHOUETTE!

    18. A faux wrap midi dress that can easily be worn with heels and a clutch or tights and booties. The choice, like the world, is yours!

    19. A maxi dress perfect for all those damn dinners you already agreed to. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations — consider this your new uniform for anything remotely fancy.

    20. A comfy dress to make you break out into some Alanis Morissette. With this dress, you'll have at least one hand in your pocket.

    21. A semi-fitted fit-to-flare dress because who says florals can only be worn in the spring? They break the ground 365 days a year, Miranda Priestly.

    22. A cap-sleeve ruffle dress that is the epitome of elegance. Just throw on some pearls and voilà! You'll be the 2018 version of Blair Waldorf.

    23. A hooded sweatshirt dress for anyone who aspires to wear loungewear 24/7 — AKA the entire darn world. Constricting jeans? I don't know her.

    24. An oversized sweater dress that will make you feel as if you've left the house wearing only your softest, most comfortable blanket.

    25. A velvet mini dress currently being overshadowed by a very, very, VERY good boy.

    26. A t-shirt dress you'll want to hide in the depths of your closet. Your siblings will 1000% try to steal it, and I don't want you to have to go through that kind of heartbreak.

    27. A bodycon dress complete with a gorgeous fishtail hem that does not belong under the sea. It belongs in your closet instead, am I right?

    28. A bell-sleeve mini dress available in a gorgeous, frosty blue hue that I may have just fallen irrevocably in love with.

    29. A knit sweater dress made to give your curves a nice, warm bear hug. Plus, the material is super soft and will feel like happiness against your skin.

    30. A slip dress you'll want to ~slip~ into right this second. Wear it with tights and booties for a casual look, with heels and a clutch for a fancier one.

    31. A cowlneck fit-to-flare dress that can be worn with a blazer and BAM! You're now ready to (stylishly) tackle that important business meeting in the AM.

    32. A crewneck dress you will find yourself grabbing off the hanger over and over again. This is seriously the perfect little black (and comfy) dress.

    33. A v-neck midi dress best accessorized with a super chunky scarf. You know, for maximum coziness.

    34. A shift dress made from the touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives — 100% cotton, baby. Organic cotton, to be specific.

    "I don't need any more dresses," I said to myself.

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