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    40 Gorgeous Dresses That'll Be Perfect For New Year's Eve

    Because what's harder than coming up with NYE plans? Finding the perfect NYE dress.

    1. A sequin flapper dress stolen from the closet of Daisy Buchanan herself. Pair this with some pearls and get ready to attract a man named Gatsby.

    2. A scalloped off-shoulder swing dress for shoulders that can't be tamed, à la Miley Cyrus in 2010. Never forget that iconic music video that began her departure from being known just as a Disney star.

    3. A cold-shoulder peplum dress everyone (and probably their mother) will be asking to borrow. Personally, I hate to share. I wouldn't blame you for making up some lame excuse and saying no.

    4. A midi skater dress perfect for twirling around and around in. Get your Instagram apps ready, pals! This ensemble calls for a Boomerang.

    5. A v-neck midi dress your savings account will be eternally grateful for. A gorgeous outfit that doesn't cost more than rent? SIGN 👏 ME 👏 UP 👏.

    6. A strapless dress featuring subtle shimmer and a side slit that everyone will be gushing over. If you're not interested in being the center of attention, this probably isn't the ~one~ for you.

    7. A velvet wrap dress that will leave you drooling upon first glance. This is undeniable proof that love at first sight EXISTS, and I now understand the relationship between Romeo and Juliet.

    8. A ruffled one-shoulder dress featuring a thigh-high slit for legs that feel like playing a subtle game of peek-a-boo.

    9. A stretchy bodycon dress available in a gorgeous champagne color representative of your drink of choice for the evening — because ringing in 2019 whilst sipping on some bubbly sounds pretty fantastic.

    10. A trumpet sleeve, ruffle hem midi dress that will have you breathing a sigh of relief. SOUND THE TRUMPETS, folks, because you've just found yourself the perfect dress!

    11. A fishtail bandage dress ironically named after the exact opposite of what it does. This pretty little number will have you breaking hearts, not bandaging 'em up.

    12. A metallic ruffle dress to trick everyone into thinking that you've suddenly become trendy. No offense, but hahahahaha.

    13. A sleeveless tea dress available in a whole banana bunch of colors (45, to be exact)! Plus, it has over 8,000 glowing reviews — EIGHT THOUSAND.

    14. A knit skater dress officially changing its name to ~Sk8er Boi~ à la Avril Lavigne. And no, mom, it's not a phase.

    15. A midi dress that cinches at the waist for a true YOWZA effect. Folks, say hello to an hourglass silhouette that will leave you winking at your reflection in the mirror.

    16. A satin midi dress so simple and elegant, you'll feel like the classiest gal in town as soon as you slip it on. Add some strappy heels and BAM! You'll be the belle of the ball.

    17. A high-neck bandage dress that will fit your body like some fashion-forward, curve-hugging glove. Thank heavens this is a ~bandage~ dress because MAN, will you be breaking hearts in this thing!

    18. An off-the-shoulder cocktail dress to suffer the same fate as your favorite jeans or your softest tee. In other words, this WILL be worn all the time.

    19. An adjustable spaghetti strap dress that would be significantly better if the straps were ~actually~ spaghetti, but that is just my humble opinion.

    20. A velvet frock you'll likely wear again and again (and again). Your birthday dinner? Yep. Someone else's birthday dinner? Yep. Going out to dinner because you don't feel like cooking? Yep yep.

    21. A one-shoulder dress that is also perfect for that "I BARELY EVEN KNOW THIS COUSIN" wedding you have coming up next month. Those are truly the worst, aren't they?

    22. A midi wrap dress available in a gorgeous amber color that will match your energy perfectly.

    23. A v-neck dress because what is NYE without an overwhelming amount of SEQUINS. *breaks into jazz hands* *slips on a pair of obnoxious 2019 glasses*

    24. A high-neck bandage dress that will have you crooning John Legend as soon as your receive it. "All of me, loves all of you" you'll sing whilst looking at your reflection in the mirror.

    25. A crewneck knee-length dress best accessorized with fancy jewels and a clutch for that ~epitome of elegance~ kind of look. Look at you go, exuding serious Meghan Markle vibes.

    26. A one-shoulder pencil dress because why deviate from black this NYE? May as well be loyal to the only color you wore throughout all of 2018, anyway.

    27. A floral knit dress you can pair with tights and booties if you're going for a more ~casual but still smokin', obviously~ kind of ensemble.

    28. A crushed velvet mini dress you'll want to re-wear twice in one month. Facebook pictures be damned, because this pretty thing is perfect for both your NYE party ~and~ that birthday party you have coming up.

    29. A lace bodycon dress that will become like those jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. All of your friends, whether they're at soccer camp or vacationing in Greece, will be begging to borrow this beauty.

    30. A velvet skater dress guaranteed to have you jingling all the way.... to your purse so you can fetch your credit card. "Happy holidays to myself!"

    31. A vintage-inspired swing dress that — TELL ME NOT — Aria from Pretty Little Liars would have for sure worn. Like, on a date with Ezra to Philly.

    32. A stretchy a-line dress with a gorgeous lace back that is *chef kisses fingers* perfect for watching the ball drop. From a television, of course. Because Times Square on NYE? Just don't do it.

    33. A sheath dress available in a ruby red color that Dorothy would have loved. She had a pair of shoes that would have matched perfectly...

    34. A stretchy sequin dress designed with soft lining AKA your skin won't have to suffer all-night itchiness in order to sparkle. Comfort over everything, am I right?

    35. A knee-length cocktail dress designed with jacquard lace and mesh detailing so gorgeous, some excessive swooning will definitely be taking place throughout the night.

    36. A dotted corset-inspired dress I've personally already added to my shopping cart. Excuse me whilst I go ahead and place my order...

    37. A stretchy off-the-shoulder dress that will have you obnoxiously crooning "Lady in Red" as soon as the champagne starts to hit your system.

    38. A ruffled pencil dress you'll be grateful you purchased. When you have yet another "I'm not sure why I came to this" event — THIS is what you're going to wear. No more destroying your closet to find something decent. Just pull this out.

    39. A tank dress featuring some gorgeous velvet and an asymmetrical hem. Is that drool? Are you drooling? Well, this is awkward.

    40. A ruffle-sleeved dress that is here to turn some HEADS. I don't suggest wearing this to any live performances or concerts — this pretty little thing here is what the kids would call "show-stopping".

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