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    34 Pieces Of Fall Clothing If You Hate Summer As Much As I Do

    Pumpkin spice is coursing through my veins at present.

    1. A Levi's denim jacket lined with sherpa because — what's that? Did you hear that? The temps are dropping, and the leaves are falling? Autumn is practically here. Denim jacket season is knocking at your door. Snag one that's extra cozy (see below) in preparation.

    2. Baggy overalls that scream, "I'm taking a trip to the farmer's market and buying a dozen apples with the intention of baking an apple pie." Will that apple pie ever get made? Absolutely not. But at least you looked cute during the thought.

    reviewer wearing the orange jumpsuit

    3. A polka-dot number best accessorized with bottomless mimosas served at your next at-home brunch, overpriced avocado toast and a poached egg not required (but highly recommended).

    4. An oversized flannel shirt jacket with pumpkin spice coursing through its veins and I am so frigggggggin' here for it. PSL forever, baby.

    model wearing the flannel shirt

    5. Vibrant skinny jeans voted most likely to star in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. These stretchy hunks of denim are praised by 5,000+ reviewers for comfort, versatility, and glove-like fit — plus, these are *truly* high waisted. None of that fake "high rise" nonsense where you feel like your underwear is constantly on the brink of being exposed.

    6. A high-waisted pleated skirt guaranteed to make you feel ~trendier than thou~ strutting to your corner deli. Available in neutral and vibrant hues alike, throw on any simple top to make it look as if you didn't snooze through your alarm this morning.

    reviewer wearing black pleated skirt

    7. An oversized knitted sweater vest for making the word "crisp" come to mind. Turtleneck weather is back, pets, and what better way to accessorize it than with the below? I'll be taking five. Thanks.

    8. A plaid blazer jacket available in several neutral hues *and* the below red, ideal for adding a splash of fall-approved color to the ensemble you wear eight days of the week: jeans, black booties, black sleeved top.

    Reviewer wearing the red tartan style blazer

    9. A high-waisted mini sure to stand the test of time, both due to a quality vegan leather and a classic silhouette that will be considered chic for...well, forever.

    model wearing camel colored skirt

    10. A maxi shirt dress crafted from a blissfully lightweight material for "fall" days in which the temperature reads at sweating-profusely-degrees. This allows you to look autumnal as heck without having to suffocate your sweat glands.

    11. A rib-knit cardigan I am dubbing the "Taylor Swift" because there is no way her album wasn't inspired by the below. Prove me wrong in the comments.

    model wearing the cardigan

    12. A two-piece set ideal for work-from-home days in which, wow, your schedule is crammed with deadlines. Throwing on a matching fall-friendly 'fit increases productivity by about 1,000%, and that's a real scientifically proven fact.

    13. A longline plaid jacket so chic, it won't matter that it's covered in the remnants of the apple cider donut you just inhaled.

    Reviewer wearing the brown plaid coat

    14. A high-neck crop top featuring an open-back design bound to make the phrase "hummuna hummuna hummuna" escape from your lips. Consider this a fun upgrade to the sleeved tee you've been wearing for the past, oh, five years.

    15. Elastic-waist faux-leather shorts that look so. damn. chic. Mama loves comfy clothes that fool the masses into thinking I'm trendy (mama in this context = me), and these provide just that when paired with a thick sweater and booties.

    reviewer wearing the black faux leather shorts

    16. A tiered dress with so many ‘fit possibilities that my head is spinning. Rest assured that regardless of if you wear this with OTK boots or white sneakers, this loose-fitting bebe is comfy, comfy, comfy, and did we mention, comfy?

    17. A turtleneck sweater dress for a chic way to feel as if you're *wearing* that ultra soft throw blanket you purchased in three colors from TJ Maxx. The rib knit material is truly a joy.

    reviewer wearing the green sweater dress

    18. A satin duo comprised of a longline bralette and button down, which means those unreasonably warm brunch spots? No longer a problem. Simply take off the outer layer and bid adieu to sweating.

    19. Warp + Weft high-rise jeans offering a fun (but still versatile) twist on the black denim that's been residing in your wardrobe for about 10 years now — cc: a cool wax coating.

    model wearing the jeans

    20. An off-shoulder blouse featuring a wrap waist and voluminous sleeves for THE party top of your dreams — purchase this now with the mindset that you'll be wearing it to every singly semi-fancy occasion henceforth.

    21. A deliciously comfy crewneck sweater featuring my whole mood Monday through Friday. **stares at the 46,000 unread emails lying dormant in her inbox**

    model wearing white crewneck

    22. A faux suede mini skirt serving Big Fall Energy. Your outfit will have basically attained a Pinterest level of perfection — just add some boots and a bodysuit. Glass of apple cider in hand is optional but highly encouraged.

    23. A faux leather jacket — arguably *the* most important wardrobe staple you'll ever purchase. Ever. Throwing this on over denim jeans and a white tee has a 1,000% effectiveness rate at making you look like a bass-strumming rock star.

    model wearing the leather jacket

    24. A chunky knit cardigan perfect for adding warmth to any 'fit. This basic layer has batwing sleeves and pockets, and comes in a few colors (including lots of neutral hues that won't ever clash).

    25. A flowy mini for folks who are bitter about summer ending (I'm judging you). This transitional dress feels like something you'd pack for a beach vacation, but the subtle pattern and sleeves make it perfect for autumnal outings to boot.

    model wearing the mini dress

    26. A ribbed cardigan made from an incredibly soft yarn that evokes the feeling of cradling your favorite blanket. Colors available: four. Amount of colors I will be purchasing: also four.

    27. A T-shirt dress with a 1,000% guarantee of turning you into a fashion blogger stat, no significant Instagram following required. There's just something about a tie-waist — amirite, folks?

    reviewer wearing the taupe-colored dress

    28. An oversized sweatshirt about to become the loungewear equivalent of your favorite jeans: In other words, this will be worn every. single. day. Opt for matching sweatpants if you're feeling extra frisky.

    model wearing the matching set

    29. A tiered baby doll mini taking a page from the Disney 365 book (if you know, you know) because it can truly be worn any day of the damn year. We love a piece that doesn't need to be vacuum-sealed with the change of season.

    30. A bodycon pencil dress that looks so. damn. chic. And while the importance of owning the perfect LBD is no secret, it's likely you've had the same one for...decades (#guilty). I believe it's time we both level up.

    reviewer wearing the black midi dress

    31. A cable-knit two-piece set that will make rewatching The Vampire Diaries for the 90th time this year feel like, well, a luxurious experience. Matching loungewear = a foolproof way to feel fancy.

    32. A BB Dakota faux-leather shirtdress because fall is basically at my door — I've already ordered the pumpkin cream cold brew drink from Starbucks, like, three times, and all I'll be thinking about from here on in is the outfits I'd like to wear to autumnal activities pleaseandthankyou.

    model wearing the beige dress

    33. High-waisted palazzo trousers that laugh in the face of business casual's past with a cinched waist, wide-leg silhouette. Translation: These are comparable to leggings in comfort but still allow you to retire those stuffy black slacks. *shudders at the thought of wearing them*

    34. High-rise jeans for folks who have finally decided to test the murky waters of denim that doesn't cut off circulation at the ankle. Presenting the below wide-leg beauties, made from soft-spun cotton and Tencel for long-lasting wear.

    model wearing the jeans

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