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    28 Delicate Engagement Rings That'll Make You Say, "I Do!"

    "Will you marry me?" —me to myself

    1. A lunar ring made from particles found on the moon. No really, Neil Armstrong brought some back.

    2. A champagne diamond ring you won't just wear on New Year's Eve. Every day should be a celebration, you know?

    3. A moonstone ring that resembles a fortune teller's globe (AKA it will tell you your future if you stare into it long enough).

    4. A dainty diamond ring you'll never want to take off, meaning you now have an excuse to not wash the dishes.

    5. A yellow sapphire ring for anyone who would like a wee touch of sunshine in their lives.

    6. An opal ring that says, "You want the moon? I'll give you the moon! In ring form!"

    7. A rose gold ring with pearls taken from only the finest of oysters. You deserve the best.

    8. A princess-style diamond ring that the Fairy Godmother should have given to Cinderella.

    9. A diamond ring with an aquamarine stone that can pass as a fancy family heirloom.

    10. A sapphire ring that will make you say, "it's a beautiful night, looking for something dumb to do [with my credit card]..."

    11. A diamond ring for anyone who thinks the most gorgeous things are also the most simple.

    12. A sapphire and sunstone ring known to sing "Here Comes The Sun" sporadically throughout the day.

    13. A diamond ring that defends the notion of diamonds being a girl's best friend. Okay Marilyn, you weren't wrong.

    14. A moonstone ring designed to resemble Merlin's talisman, meaning this is a pretty powerful piece of jewelry.*

    15. An asymmetrical ring with yellow and apricot sapphires. It's rumored to be stolen from royalty, but you didn't hear that from me.

    16. A cosmic witch ring inspired by the lunar phases: the center diamond represents the moon, and the smaller diamonds represent the stars.

    17. A champagne diamond ring handmade in Los Angeles. Hello, you dainty and delicate thing, you.

    18. A winter waltz ring with pearls and diamonds in a "dream-like duet." Dream-like is honestly the perfect way to describe this.

    19. An opal-embellished ring used by Merriam-Webster as a visual aid for their definition of "dainty."

    20. An opal ring known to sing, "going to the chapel and we're gonna get maaarried" at karaoke.

    21. A Herkimer diamond ring for anyone who has a "Bohemian Wedding" Pinterest board.

    22. A pear-cut morganite ring that is ~apearantly~ not on my finger yet, even though that's where it belongs.

    23. An opal ring rumored to have inspired Train's hit song, "Marry Me." BuzzFeed reported it first.

    24. A ruby ring that will make you want to get down on one knee and propose to yourself.

    25. A rose-cut ring available in 26 different diamond options, including canary yellow and saturated red.

    26. A five stone engagement ring that, fair warning, may leave you drooling every time you glance down at your hand.

    27. A pearl and white diamond combo ring designed to take your breath away. Don't worry, you'll get it back. Eventually.

    28. A black diamond gold ring you'll want to get as a "just because" present to yourself. Yay to tax refunds!

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