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    If You Love Summer But *Hate* Heat, Here Are 31 Pieces Of Clothing To Check Out

    The season of chafing is in full swing.

    1. A drawstring romper with all the comfort of the pajama set you've been wearing to bed since 1893, but it's not fuzzy fleece rubber duck pajamas and ergo a *lot* more chic.

    reviewer wearing black romper

    2. A square-neck cropped cami because what better top to pair with the frayed hem high-waisted denim you got on clearance last summer but never wore because, well, 2020? Tell 'em to rise and shine via this perfect addition.

    model wearing gray tank

    3. A tortoiseshell button V-neck number guaranteed to make you feel ~trendier than thou~ on your stroll to the corner deli. Available in neutral colors and fun patterns alike, quickly throw this on to make it seem as if you didn't snooze through your alarm this morning.

    4. A spaghetti strap midi designed with a mid-thigh slit for ~ventilation~ because leg sweat during humidity = a real issue, and one that plagues me from mid-May to October.

    model wearing red dress

    5. High-waisted flare pants available in several colors and, consider this a warning, you'll want to stock up on every one. Over 12,000 reviewers swear that these babies are heaven in clothing form — buttery soft, amazingly stretchy, and perfect for any occasion.

    6. A sleeveless T-shirt dress to replace the leggings you've been wearing since, oh, last October. This equally comfortable option won't retain humidity and allows your limbs to feel some breeze.

    reviewer wearing black sleeveless dress

    7. A bandana cami top perfect for wearing as-is for brunch — but le fun doesn't stop there, because you can also swish this into a headband, hair tie, and accessory for the drab black crossbody you should have retired eons ago.

    8. A tank top because the band tee you own and love is made from a fabric best described as "heavy and prone to smelling bad after one drop of sweat hits it." Swap for the season with this; let in that airflow.

    reviewer wearing white rolling stones tank

    9. A cotton set so lovely, I actually gasped aloud and stopped scrolling. I do not pretend to understand the meaning of / live my life to the "cottagecore" aesthetic but, oh my word, this has me contemplating a life filled with forest animals and hand-picked berries.

    model wearing the black cotton set

    10. A V-neck tee purposely designed with looser sleeves so you can banish this question forever from your lips: do I have pit stains?

    reviewer wearing the white top

    11. A slip dress crafted from 100% sustainable sourced silk so your bod can feel cocooned by luxury all day long. Throw in a stunning lilac color and bam, your quest for the perfect item of versatile clothing is over.

    model wearing the lilac slip dress

    12. A longline padded tank that reaps the versatility of a tank with the sweet, sweet support of underwire thanks to a body-hugging fit. TL;DR: going braless (and avoiding that extra layer on hot days) will have never felt so secure.

    13. A sleeved T-shirt for scenic walks and long hikes. This top enlists the help of a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that also provides sun protection and prevents any smelly odors from forming (because all deodorant effectiveness goes right out the window the moment you start to sweat, that's not up for debate).

    reviewer wearing the sleeved top in blue

    14. High-rise shorts designed with a lived-in ~girlfriend~ silhouette, aka these babies are tight enough to stay put but oversized enough that they won't cling to your upper thighs at the first sign of sweat.

    model wearing denim shorts

    15. A cutout back maxi described by one reviewer as "literally perfect" which means that hello and bonjour, I am absolutely adding this to my cart. I, too, would like literal perfection in my wardrobe.

    16. A exercise dress because athleisure is alive and well, but pairing leggings and a sport bra can feel like such a chore in the morning. Presenting your daily solution: a mid-weight number with slight compression ideal for walks *and* brunch.

    model wearing the light and dark gray dress

    17. A flared drawstring skirt you can pair with a white tee (we highly rec. the TikTok method of cropping seen below) and et voila, that fashion blog shall be calling.

    reviewer wearing the dotted skirt

    18. An off-shoulder maxi dress designed with the phrase wardrobe staple, the kind of number you can wear to weddings and birthday dinners *or* for a stroll along a beach boardwalk.

    19. Track sweats perfect for the inconsistent temps we experience during those weird summer weeks, when outfit choices can easily swap from parkas to tanks overnight. Reviewers swear these are crafted with magic fabric that remains cool on sweaty days *and* warm on frigid ones. Hermione? Are you responsible for this?

    20. A pajama set here to nudge your high school gym shorts and old soccer team T-shirt into retirement. Sweaty sleepers, this cool-to-the-touch bamboo fabric is *especially* divine for you.

    model wearing the purple pajama set

    21. A high-rise exercise skort (a product name that may or may not transport you back to middle school) with built-in shorts and mesh pockets, the latter of which mean you can carry cards or cash — without having to lug around a crossbody, which adds at least 10 pounds of heat when the temps rise above 85.

    22. A breathable linen top with the pièce de résistance being corset seam detailing to give it that extra va va voom. It's even got a smocked back to ensure a tailored, hugs-like-a-glove fit.

    23. A high-waisted midi skirt you can throw on with any top: tank tops, band tees, longline bralettes if you so please. Tomato, Tomahto — it's wardrobe gold.

    model wearing green floral skirt

    24. A lace trim tank and shorts set crafted with velvet, aka this is the embodiment of luxe loungewear. Wearing this around your apartment takes mundane activities (hello, mindless Instagram scrolling) and makes it feel like an event.

    the burgundy velvet tank top and lace trim shorts

    25. A mustard midi dress that's got eye-catching cutouts for a trés trendy accent that grants you access to another, far more important feature: breeze. I'll personally be wearing this with ~relish~.

    model wearing the cutout midi dress

    26. Compression shorts available in three lengths, with even the ~shortest~ version ensuring that your assets won't be on full display with every step you take. Throw in the fact that these have pockets and voila, warm weather dressing just got a whole lot easier.

    27. A pocketed jersey T-shirt dress purposely designed with a longer hemline, which means your undergarments won't be on the brink of exposure with every sudden gust of wind.

    reviewer wearing the black dress

    28. A two-piece set I fully intend on wearing whilst padding around my 400-square-foot living room, a sneaky way to trick my mind into thinking I'm yachting in the Mediterranean instead of....working from my couch. Currently adding this to my cart in anticipation of an eventual vacay.

    29. A two-pack of crewneck tees, because it's about time you bid adieu to the ratty old gym shirt you've been wearing for the past, oh, decade. These are simple, sleek, and crafted with a moisture-wicking material.

    one shirt in black and the other in white

    30. Baggy overalls (with pockets!) for anyone who detests having to scrounge up a matching top and bottom, plus wants to look peak Instagram-worthy in their loungewear — all you'll have to do is slip this on over a bralette *or* a sleeved tee.

    reviewer wearing the black jumpsuit

    31. A tank top and shorts combo if "hot sleeper" doesn't even begin to describe the pool of sweat that's bubbled around your body by the time you're hitting snooze. This set gives humidity problems the boot due to how breathable and lightweight it is.

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