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    PSA: Big Apple Circus Tickets In NYC Are As Low As $10 Right Now

    And it's only in town (aka New York City) until Feb. 2, so you may want to act fast.

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    Do you live near NYC? And want something fun to do? But don't have a ton of coin to spend because you have to pay for basic necessities like, say, rent and multiple coffees?


    Ah yes β€” the crushing weight of living in the city that never sleeps while also juggling bills. Yikes. I know it well.

    Existential crisis aside, I have good news! I was wasting my time on the internet when much to my surprise, I saw *very* inexpensive tickets to...

    🍎The Big Apple Circus! 🍎

    Matthew Murphy

    That's right, folks! The circus is in town!

    Now if you've never been to the circus, it's something you need to cross off your bucket list β€” from ridiculous feats of strength to performers who clearly have no fear of heights, it's an experience that will have you marveling at how human beings can be capable of such talent.

    Matthew Murphy

    Surprise! I am not a circus performer and am in awe of people who can do the above.

    Promising Yelp review: "Thrilling, death defying, jaw dropping, awesome. Arrived early to take in all the sights and sounds at the concession tents and even took some pictures with some circus acts as they were walking by. It's a cold and windy day; tents are set up with great heating systems. Show started right on time as the ringleader introduced herself and Miss P the Pigeon provided some comedic relief. Each performance was exciting and pushed the limits. From walking on tightropes while riding two bikes to aerial acrobatics, it was heart pounding minute to minute. I took a look around at the audience and everyone had their mouths open in awe." β€”Mei "ML" C.

    And of course, what better time to finally witness a tightrope walker than when tickets are super affordable?

    When I say affordable, we're talking ringside tickets at Lincoln Center for as low as $10 depending on date and time β€” the ones below are for Jan. 30 at 11 a.m. but there's also a smattering of other dates and times to better suit your schedule.


    There are also a TON of tickets in the $15–$45 range, which are still a steal for such an impressive show.


    A gentle nudge to let you know that the circus will be leaving town (aka Lincoln Center) on Feb. 2 β€” which is a mere nine days away. *panic ensues*

    Big Apple Circus

    Now without further ado, be sure to snag your tickets to the Big Apple Circus before they sell out! I'm already humming "Circus" by Britney Spears to myself in anticipation for the show.


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