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    18 Places You Can Shop Online For Bridesmaid Dresses That Don't Suck

    The lie we're all sick of: "You'll wear it again."

    1. Revelry allows each bridesmaid to choose their own dress... without giving you the extra headache that comes from ensuring everyone sticks to the color scheme. The site offers multiple silhouettes and fabrics, so just tell each bridesmaid they'll have to choose antique blush, dusty purple, mint green, or whatever hue you prefer.

    2. BHLDN is Anthropologie's wedding shop, offering gorgeous pieces that you have probably (definitely) saved to a wedding inspo Pinterest board. Prepare to ogle lots of satin and velvet.

    model wearing emerald green velvet off-shoulder gown

    3. A newly revamped Lulus wedding vertical is a one-stop-site for a ton of classic styles and daring silhouettes alike. But the best part? Pricing. Most of these gorgeous numbers dip below the $100 range.

    4. Rat & Boa screams destination wedding with dresses that you'll *le gasp* actually wear more than once. Sounds fake, but once you lay your peepers on all the vibrant colors, swanky fabrics, and fun'll be inclined to agree.

    model wearing red off-shoulder gown

    5. Amazon functions as a directory for all kinds of designers, styles, price points, and more. The main perk of shopping le 'Zon for bridesmaid dresses? Review photos and (very often) Prime shipping. Lean on customer feedback before making any decisions — and rest assured you won't have to wait months for chiffon off-shoulder number to arrive on your doorstep.

    6. Birdy Grey acknowledges that weddings are expensive. Bachelorette parties? Bridal shower games? It all adds up — which is why they insist on capping their dresses at $99 a pop. Not all heroes wear capes (though they do often wear blush pink).

    model wearing a lilac dress

    7. Fame & Partners provides customization options that ensure your bridesmaids dresses are *entirely* your own. Add pockets or a thigh-high slit, adjust the length from mini to maxi, choose whether you want it to be bra-friendly or not bra-friendly via a back cutout, and more. They make the dresses to their exact measurements, as well.

    8. Asos carries an impressive arsenal of wedding supplies: dresses for the bride and the maids included. They even offer tall, petite, and maternity sizes, ergo expensive trips to the tailor may potentially be avoided altogether.

    model wearing champagne colored sequin gown

    9. David's Bridal has pages upon pages of styles for every bridal party, from full skirts to high-neck chiffon and everything in between. They also have a hot deals section dedicated to ~sizzling~ prices and promos, ergo you're guaranteed to find several a budget-friendly option.

    10. Alamour The Label will evoke an audible gasp due to how stunning their high-fashion pieces are. Their dresses are pricey, but they *do* have the occasional sale (select gowns are 50% off at the time of my writing this).

    model wearing the red sequin dress

    11. Kennedy Blue offers a truly splendid at-home try-on option. You can request several options and keep 'em for three days — it only costs $10 per piece, you get a free color swatch when you sign up for emails, and the process allows you to check out material, fit, and quality IRL before committing.

    12. Reformation uses a ~RefScale~ that tracks the environmental impact of each garment they sell, designing wedding pieces in LA and partnering with sustainable partner factories around the globe. The result? Eco-conscious bridesmaid dresses that call for an Insta grid photo, ASAP.

    model wearing a navy blue dress

    13. Mumu provides all wedding necessities in one neat site: This includes things to wear to the bachelorette party (hellllooooooo "bride-to-be" swimsuits), bowties, bridesmaid proposal boxes, and of course — very, very pretty bridal party dresses.

    14. T.J. Maxx, a place we know and love with a passion, has a wonderful online wedding shop that offers designer duds for less. Stock can be limited, so this is a ::chef's kiss:: option for smaller bridal parties.

    model wearing off-shoulder sparkly dress

    15. Talin Boutique contains thoughtfully curated styles ranging from maxi to mini. Their dresses definitely veer off the path of a more "traditional" bridesmaid uniform — there's lots of bodycon, plenty of fun sleeves, and no chiffon as far as the eye can see.

    16. Amsale evokes regality with clean lines and classic fabrics that feel truly timeless. Translation: You won't look back thirty years from now and think "wow, too trendy, how 2021 of me to pick [xx style]."

    model wearing the blue high-slit dress

    17. Pia Gladys Perey designs stunning gowns that are — brace yourselves here — genuinely comfortable. Their secret sauce is a delicious stretchy jersey fabric that doesn't crinkle but still manages that second-skin feel.

    18. Showpo is a Sydney-based boutique that offers cozy loungewear, matching sets, fancy tops, and yes, bridesmaid dresses. 'Tis a wonderful luxury to purchase said bridesmaid dresses along with the white satin robe they'll be wearing while getting ready day of!

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