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    29 Awesome And Inexpensive Sandals You'll Want To Buy ASAP

    Ready pedis??!!

    1. Open-toe sandals with scalloped straps that'll make all your fans ask, "Hey, where'd you get those?"

    2. Sequined mules referenced in Sharpay Evans' hit song, "Fabulous."

    3. Lace-up sandals hated by Sammi Sweetheart. They show off her Flintstone toes, you know?

    4. Ankle wrap sandals guaranteed to become your go-to summer shoe.

    5. Classic birkenstocks for anyone who is looking for the equivalent of feet pajamas. This is it.

    6. Perforated booties designed for people with sweaty feet. Your feet will always feel a cool breeze.

    7. Slingback shoes with pops of color that'll accentuate your nail polish.

    8. Gladiator heels that are just begging to be paired with a leather jacket. BEGGING.

    9. Block heels created for a night out on the town. Now take a picture and hashtag #OOTD.

    Get them from Aldo for $35. / Sizes: 5-11

    10. Faux suede sandals with embroidered flowers that won't die. Why? They'll always see sunshine!

    11. Woven sandals for anyone whose big toe requires constant comfort and attention.

    "Consider this ring to be your security blanket..." —me to my big toe.

    Get them from American Eagle for $29.95. / Sizes: 5-11

    12. T-strap sandals you'll be able to wear any day, any time. You should take them off before bed, though.

    13. Floral flip flops that encourage spontaneity, like booking tropical vacations.

    14. Beaded sandals for those weren't cheerleaders in high school. Now's your chance; shake your pom poms.

    15. Caged sandals that make the idea of wearing socks seem unbearable. My feet don't deserve to be smothered.

    16. Back-zip sandals that'll go with shorts, dresses, jeans, etc. You can pair them with any outfit.

    17. Suede sandals with a low stacked heel, meaning you'll get some added height without all the pain.

    18. Woven flats you'll be wearing for the next 30 springs and summers. These shoes will never go out of style.

    19. Beaded sandals with pearls stolen from only the finest of oysters. You deserve the best.

    20. Flat jelly sandals that are the perfect present. Why? They already come with a bow. Phew.

    21. Strappy slides with a mind of their own. They often cause wearers to daydream about all-inclusive resorts, for example.

    22. Block heels you can wear to dress up any outfit. Your basic white tee and go-to jeans will be overjoyed.

    *proceeds to wear pajamas with these heels to dinner*

    Promising review: "The wide strap at the bottom make for a super comfortable pair of shoes! They fit my feet perfectly, and are wide at the top. They don't squish my toes, either!" —Kaya

    Get them from Aldo for $35. / Sizes: 5-11 / Available in four colors.

    23. Peeptoe sandals for any foot that considers itself a ferocious feline who shouldn't be messed with.

    24. Thong sandals that don't belong in your underwear drawer, thank you every much.

    25. Wide fit heels created by Mattel designers. Fun fact: Barbie originally wore these bad boys.

    26. Gladiator sandals hand-painted by a renowned artist who specializes in florals. Obviously.

    27. Chunky heels that are available in every color under the sun. Excuse me while I purchase them all.

    28. Cross strap slides guaranteed to give your closet some color. Would be great for an all-black ensemble, for example.

    29. And finally, shoes that would survive the apocalypse. Old Navy flip flops, thank you for your many years of service.

    Getting a pedicure after a long winter like...