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    29 Gifts For Anyone Who's Basically Always Drinking Coffee

    A beverage cooler that will turn my coffee from hot to iced in less than 60 seconds? Without diluting the flavor? Interesting. *orders ten*

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    1. A beverage cooler that might just save a life, and I don't think I'm being dramatic. This can take a cup of hot coffee and chill it by 130° in less than 60 seconds — without diluting the flavor in the process.

    2. A coffee mug for the pal who mooches off your Netflix account and, according to the "continue watching" list, watches absolutely nothing other than Friends.

    3. Template stencils to turn your latte into a full-blown work of art. I'm not outright SAYING that you should create a ~coffee art~ Instagram now, but...

    4. The Coffee Dictionary book, which gives you the lowdown on your favorite caffeinated cup of happiness. Learn everything from fancy terms and techniques to roasting methods and different kinds of beans. The kind that lock protein, obviously.

    5. A cold brew coffee maker that will save you a TON of money in the long run. Buying cold brew is hella expensive, and we have yet to win the lottery. Thanks for that, fate.

    6. An insulated mug capable of surviving the horrors of the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer. PLUS! This gorgeous thing will keep your coffee hotter than Hades for a longer period of time than your average ceramic mug can.

    7. Non-slip socks you'll want to buy in bulk and gift to multiple people, because I'm pretty sure that there will be full-blown warfare if you *only* get them for one of the pals in your friend group.

    8. A gold- or silver-plated coffee bean presented with an "I love you a latte" card in each box. For the loyal friends that read my posts, hello there! This is what I'd personally like for Christmas. No pressure.

    9. A dishwasher-safe milk pitcher that can both froth and steam milk, as well as measure liquids. Looking to become a barista in your own abode? Here's the first step toward mastering the art.

    10. Stainless steel spoons capable of a) stirring your morning latte, and b) turning the most stubborn dog lover into the kind of person who prefers cats.

    11. A crewneck tee for anyone that relates to Lorelai Gilmore — not because you have an unhealthily close relationship with your daughter or family money, but because you both understand the finest things in life. Coffee, that is.

    12. A desktop heater so that your coffee remains hot to the last drop. What's more frustrating than a parking ticket? Having to sip on lukewarm beverages that are supposed to be warming your soul.

    13. A vegan body scrub made from coffee beans to wave GOODBYE to dry, flaky skin. This pack of goodness also contains macadamia oil, almond oil, and cacao extract to leave you feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.

    14. The World Atlas of Coffee book for the pal who enjoys both fresh cups of Joe AND using the #wanderlust hashtag on Instagram. Consider this a guide to where some of the best beans in the world are brewed, from Bolivia to Zambia.

    15. Café Du Monde dark roast coffee with chicory that will have you humming "Can't help falling in love with you..." as soon as the delicious liquid hits your tastebuds.

    16. An enamel pin anyone would love to receive. Intergalactic travel? Sure! But only if complimentary coffee will be served aboard the rocket ship.

    17. An insulated stainless steel bottle to keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to six hours. PLUS, this baby has a lifetime warranty. Consider this a forever kind of marriage.

    18. A large container of Biscoff cookies I assume to have descended from sugar-fueled heaven. Dipping these scrumptious European cookies into your AM coffee might just turn you into a morning person. Might.

    19. A coloring book that will have them saying "omg, MEEEEE" as soon as they rip off the gift wrap. "Coffee, sarcasm, and lipstick" is a slightly less basic "live, laugh, love," after all.

    20. A Game of Thrones heat-changing mug for the pal who would very much like to give George RR Martin a kiss. THANK YOU, good sir, for the best television show of the century. Well, second best to Lizzie McGuire.

    21. A three-wick candle made with a delicious blend of essential oils you'll want to light right before bed, when you'd desperately love a sip of coffee but also don't feel like being up all night. This will hold you over until the AM.

    22. A sterling silver necklace designed after the caffeine molecule, meaning this is the perfect gift for the chemistry student who relies on caffeine for all their late night study sessions.

    23. Paper cups inspired by the establishment that, if real, would give Starbucks a run for its bajillions. This Luke's Diner-inspired kit comes with five insulated logo sleeves, five paper cups, and five lids.

    24. An organic soap bar formulated with freshly ground coffee, oats, shea butter, olive oil, sunflower oil, and castor bean oil to exfoliate skin while moisturizing it at the same damn time.

    25. A coffee maker for the pal who presses snooze about 19 times before actually crawling out of bed. This has an auto-off feature and an automatic timer, meaning they'll wake up to a fresh pot already prepared for them.

    26. OR! A stovetop moka espresso maker that'll deliver you a cup of deliciousness in ~5 minutes. Heaven is right at your fingertips, folks.

    27. A 1,000-piece puzzle featuring coffee brands you've very likely stored in your cupboard. Have fun piecing together labels of everything from Folgers and Maxwell House to (my love) Dunkin' Donuts.

    28. A camp mug you can personalize with the name of a loved one. *orders this mug with my own name printed on it* *feels kind of guilty submitting order* *oh well*

    29. A framed art print featuring a quote from Johnny Cash when asked what his definition of paradise was. I'm not crying, you're crying.

    Me, waking up to realize that I forgot to set up the automatic timer on my coffee machine last night:

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