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    19 Absolutely Gorgeous Pieces Of Jewelry From BaubleBar

    Plus, an exclusive offer for our jewelry-obsessed readers! You're welcome.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    If your heart beats for gorgeous accessories, then it is very likely that BaubleBar is your lover, your soulmate, your other half, your better half.

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    Their rings, necklaces, bracelets, and everything in between are actually swoon-worthy. AND GUESS WHAT? We have a very fun, very exciting, very exclusive offer for our jewelry-obsessed readers.

    First-time BaubleBar shoppers can enter our code (BUZZFEED20) at checkout for 20% off their purchase.

    It should also be said that I am a proud owner of several of their earrings and their stuff is good πŸ‘ quality πŸ‘ . The amount of compliments I get whenever I wear their jewelry is borderline overwhelming.

    Here are a few of our favorite picks from the site:

    1. Druzy stud earrings obsessed with Sandy from Grease. They're always quoting her most iconic line: "Tell me about it, stud".

    "I GOT CHILLLLLLLLLS...." β€”John Travolta singing about these earrings, probably.

    Price: $30.40 (originally $38)

    2. A faux ruby ring that looks like an expensive family heirloom passed down to your from your great-great-great-great grandmother Agatha.

    Price: $27.20 (originally $34)

    3. Double hoop earrings sure to make you say "hoop, there it is β€” my new favorite earlobe accessories".

    Price: $27.20 (originally $34)

    4. A zodiac pendant necklace to scream "I AM A SCORPIO AND I AM PROUD!" because horoscopes are no joke, okay?

    Price: $30.40 (originally $38)

    5. Gorgeous feather earrings you will want to build a shrine for. How πŸ‘ did πŸ‘ they πŸ‘ wake πŸ‘ up πŸ‘ like πŸ‘ this? πŸ‘

    Price: $30.40 (originally $38)

    6. A vine-inspired ring that will be on-trend forever and will NOT die. RIP VINE: 2013-2017. Forever in our hearts.

    Price: $33.60 (originally $42)

    7. An earring gift set I won't want to gift to anyone but myself, thank you very much. Call me selfish. I don't really care.

    Price: $33.60 (originally $64, available in two colors)

    8. Crystal-covered ear crawlers you will want to wear every damn day. So gorgeous, so easy to pair with any outfit.

    Price: $27.20 (originally $34)

    9. Statement tassel earrings available in a whole bunch of colors. Coral! Red! Turquoise! And you will 100% want them all.

    Price: $28.80 (originally $36, available in 10 colors)

    10. A statement necklace rumored to hold a TON of power. Flower power, that is.

    Price: $46.60 (originally $58)

    11. A sleek gold cuff engraved with your initials β€” but in Morse Code. How friggin' cool!

    Price: $25.60 (originally $32)

    12. A glass bracelet because your wrist needs some TLC, too. And this beautiful accessory is the perfect dose of it.

    Price: $27.20 (originally $48)

    13. An acrylic nameplate necklace you can customize with different colors and fonts. It'll become your Sex in the City "Carrie" necklace!

    Price: $38.40 (originally $48, available with gold and silver chains, two chain lengths, two different fonts, and 25 colors)

    14. A hand-crafted bracelet perfect for any fancy shmancy occasion. Dinner party? Check. Gossip Girl-esque ball? Check. An I-feel-like-being-fabulous day? Check.

    Price: $54.40 (originally $68)

    15. Stud earrings that are a bit high-mainentance: they require constant sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. They're worth it, though.

    Price: $28.80 (originally $36, available in two colors)

    16. A cocktail ring you are now adding to your the shipping and billing submit order...BOOM! Congrats on your gorgeous new accessory.

    Price: $30.40 (originally $38, available in sizes 6-8)

    17. Tassel earrings currently pursuing a career in law. Why? They really make a statement in the courtroom.

    Price: $30.40 (originally $38, available in seven colors)

    18. A pendant necklace with three chain-link tiers. It's so beautiful, it just might make you shed a tier.

    Price: $33.60 (originally $42)

    19. Hoop earrings for 'lobes that want a touch of color. Bright yet versatile and classic at the same time, you know?

    Price: $14.40 (originally $38)

    Check out more gorgeous BaubleBar items here.

    Showing off my new bling like:

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