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    35 Formal Dresses You Can Get On Amazon That You'll Actually Want To Wear

    Do I want to go to that formal event? No. But will I enjoy getting dressed up for said formal event? Yes.

    1. A maxi dress with convertible straps meaning — YES — this one dress will be like owning one million dresses. This can be worn as a halter dress, a one-shoulder dress, a strapless dress, an off-the-shoulder dress, and ETCETERA.

    2. A velvet bodycon dress you'll want to pair with a gallon of water, my friends, because this? This is what those pesky millennials would call "fire".

    3. A sequin mermaid gown Ariel could only dream of. Another benefit of being where the people are? Having an Amazon account that allows you to purchase this gorgeous thing.

    4. A ruffled one-shoulder dress guaranteed to get you an insufferable amount of compliments. Prepare for a major ego boost, people.

    5. A stretchy bodycon dress available in a gorgeous champagne color representative of your drink of choice for the evening. Now bring in the bubbly because things are about to get bougie.

    6. A sleeveless v-neck dress your credit card won't be shedding any tears over... because heartbreak is dropping a ton of hard-earned cash on a pricey dress that you KNOW you'll only wear once.

    7. A scalloped off-shoulder swing dress for shoulders that can't be tamed, à la Miley Cyrus in 2010. Never forget that iconic music video that began her departure from being known just as a Disney star.

    8. A sparkly empire waist dress available in two different lengths. How you'll choose just one, the world may never know...

    9. A maxi dress featuring a flowy, sequin-covered bottom that is **chef kisses fingers** beautiful + already resting snuggly in your digital shopping cart.

    10. A sequin flapper dress stolen from the closet of Daisy Buchanan herself. Pair this with some pearls and get ready to attract a man named Gatsby.

    11. A velvet wrap dress that will leave you drooling upon first glance. This is undeniable proof that love at first sight EXISTS, and I now understand the relationship between Romeo and Juliet.

    12. A fit-to-flare dress featuring a subtle hint of lace that can best be described by the following emoji: 😍.

    13. An off-the-shoulder lace dress that *may* have you looking forward to the wedding reception you have next month. Do you want to go? Nope. But at least you'll look fantastic!

    14. A v-neck swing dress you'll want to ~park~ right into your wardrobe. Swing? Park? Please hold your laughter until you've reached the end of this post.

    15. A sleeveless sheath dress made from a stretchy, figure-hugging scuba material that won't wrinkle as soon as you sit down. Looking polished and professional all day = a true miracle.

    16. A maxi dress referred to by Lizzie McGuire when she was singing about what dreams are made of. Hey now, hey now, this dress is what dream are made of.

    17. A vintage-inspired cocktail dress perfect for twirling around in circles, which should be captured into a Boomerang for your Instagram story. Obviously.

    18. A fishtail bandage dress ironically named after the exact opposite of what it does. This pretty little number will have you breaking hearts, not bandaging 'em up.

    19. An off-the-shoulder cocktail dress to suffer the same fate as your favorite jeans or your softest tee. In other words, this WILL be worn all the time.

    20. A fishtail bandage dress that your best friend will absolutely ask to borrow. I just wanted to warn you about that, because it's highly likely you'll never get it back.

    21. A crewneck knee-length dress best accessorized with fancy jewels and a clutch for that ~epitome of elegance~ kind of look. Look at you go, exuding serious Meghan Markle vibes.

    22. A sleeveless tea dress available in a whole banana bunch of colors (45, to be exact)! Plus, it has over 8,000 glowing reviews — EIGHT THOUSAND.

    23. A spaghetti strap bodycon dress that — if you'll excuse me — I'll need to go purchase for myself. This has my name written all over it.

    24. A sequin gown you'll want to re-wear twice in one month. Facebook pictures be damned, because this pretty thing is perfect for allll the parties you have coming up.

    25. A one-shoulder empire waist dress that has "BRIDESMAID UNIFORM" written all over it. This dress is budget-friendly, gorgeous, and comes in 17 different colors.

    26. An off-shoulder cocktail dress you can easily wear to both the office and a fancy schmancy event. It's all in the shoes and accessory choices, dah-ling!

    27. A high-neck bandage dress that will have you crooning John Legend as soon as your receive it. "All of me, loves all of you" you'll sing whilst looking at your reflection in the mirror.

    28. An off-shoulder lace dress with a soft lining AKA the lace won't have you itchin' and scratchin' all night. Comfort over everything, am I right?

    29. A ~Square Neck~ swing dress that is the long lost cousin of a sponge that lives in the sea. I believe his name is Square Pants. Thanks, Ancestry DNA!

    30. An off-the-shoulder bandage dress made from a thick, quality material that will basically feel as if you're wearing a bear hug.

    31. A floral lace evening dress that looks like it was plucked (guitar-string style) from the racks of the COOLEST vintage shop in existence.

    32. A midi dress designed to cinch at the waist for a true YOWZA effect. Folks, say hello to an hourglass silhouette that will leave you winking at your reflection in the mirror.

    33. An adjustable spaghetti strap dress that would be significantly better if the straps were ~actually~ spaghetti, but that is just my humble opinion.

    34. An irregular hem swing dress your savings account will be eternally grateful for. A gorgeous outfit that doesn't cost more than rent? SIGN 👏 ME 👏 UP 👏.

    35. A trumpet sleeve, ruffle hem midi dress that will have you breathing a sigh of relief. SOUND THE TRUMPETS, folks, because you've just found yourself the perfect dress!

    How I feel about finding a dress without having to leave the comfort of my own bed:

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