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ZSL London Zoo's Penguin Beach Has A New Resident

It''s a fluffy baby penguin!!! Take a first look at the early arrival.

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This fluffy little guy was born two months early, surprising the staffers at ZSL London Zoo, due to the cold weather. He was just a little egg, laid on Christmas Eve, and hatched on February 2nd! Check out the cutie below:

He's already proving to be a bit of a prima-donna:

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He already knows the deal, telling his handlers whenever he's ready to eat. Smart penguin.

Metro has teamed up with ZSL London Zoo to offer any penguin lover's dream opportunity: to name the new chick!

Via ZSL London Zoo

Fans of Metro can log onto their Facebook page to suggest a name for this fluffy little nugget. Log on here while there is still time! At the moment, there are 6 days left in this wonderful opportunity.

Ricky the Rockhopper, residential it-guy of Penguin Beach, has weighed in with his thoughts:

Via ZSL London Zoo

"There's a new arrival at Penguin Beach. Obviously it's not as cute as me, but it's still pretty cute." I don't Ricky, it looks like someone might be trying to get you a run for your money.

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