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Your Reaction To Finding Out That Uriah Is Not In "Divergent"

But...he is Divergent!! *commence sobbing*

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Divergent comes out next month and you've basically been waiting your whole life for this. Or since you finished the first book, whatever. Theo James is perfect as Four. You're excited to see how Shailene Woodley is as Tris. You're even happy to see hottie Miles Teller play asshole Peter. Everything seemed perfect until that fateful moment. You know the one. Where you scrolled through IMDb, then Google for two hours, trying to figure out who was playing Uriah. And it was then that you learned...he's not in Divergent.

Maybe you didn't read that right, because there is no way they'd cut Uriah out.

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I mean, he is divergent. How is there a movie about being divergent and one of the main divergent characters isn't in it?!

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