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The Unigoat Is A Real Mythical Creature That We All Should Love

The Unigoat is real.

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Meet the Unigoat (or Goaticorn, they’re totally cool with both names).

The Unigoat was once believed to be a mythical creature, only ever seen in fairy tales and children’s stories.

They have randomly chosen to graces us with their presence by spending their time among common goats (peasants) and frolicking to and fro.

Unigoats can be identified by their goat-like snouts and breathtaking horns, which have been said to possess the power to end all sadness in the world.

The unigoat is one of the most majestic, flawless creatures ever seen by man. They come in tiny shapes and only the most extravagant of colors.

Okay...these really are just baby, Nigerian Dwarf goats living at Every Little Thing Farms in Oregon, a self-sustainable, no-kill home for this goat breed, as well as sheep, ducks, geese, and chickens.

But we should all just pretend the Unigoat is real and here to stay.


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