The 6 Steps To Sleeping With A Cat

Here is how to take back control of your bed! It’s simple, really.

1. Try giving them their own bed

Cat hogging all your space? That’s why they invented cat beds!

2. Pick sides

Okay, they didn’t really take to that whole “cat bed” thing. So you need to stake your claim! If the left side is your side, then you’re going to sleep on the left! Right?

3. Make sure they’re comfy

If you’re going to sleep with a cat, you’re going to need to assure they’re absolutely comfortable. Unless you’re cool with them waking you up at 4 AM.

4. Give them something snuggle with

Offer them gifts. Sacrifice your favorite sweater if it gets them to stick to their side of the bed.

5. Share your space

So they aren’t really into this set sides situation. Let them sleep on your side, on your leg, on your face. Wherever they think is best.

6. Give up

They call the shots. Go sleep on the couch, the bed is theirs now. Foolish human.

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