The 12 Greatest Moments From Moody’s Point On “The Amanda Show”


Recall the greatness:

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This is a great parody of the super popular shows Dawson’s Creek and Caitlin’s Way, but much moodier and emotional. Cue intense existential crises.

1. The time no one could understand Moody:

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2. The time her mother endured this tragic saga:

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3. This flow of honesty between friends:

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Oh young Taran Killam, I was team Spalding not Sternum. You won my 11-year-old heart.

4. Her bestie’s catch phrase:

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Perfect, every time:

5. Basically, every time Misty spoke:

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6. The time Sternum questioned it all:

7. The search for the elusive toe:

8. Better yet, the time when A HOMELESS MAN HAD THE TOE:

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“25, 25, toe, 25…TOE?!”

9. Sternum’s light reading:

10. The time Spalding got a concussion:

11. When Moody’s dad knew exactly what to say:

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12. Just one more hot air balloon scene:

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