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    Mama Styles Is A Cat Lady And It's Awesome

    Harry Styles mama is one of us: her Instagram is full of cats.

    Here is Anne Cox, proving she's the coolest mom on Instagram:

    What makes her 500,000 times cooler? She's a Cat Lady:

    She doesn't post daily, but when does, she brings her cat game:

    She enjoys a fireside cuddle with Dusty:

    Can you find Dusty?

    Mama Styles is aware of who is in charge:

    Loving her cat related captions:

    They enjoy cuddling.

    They have fabulous dates:

    She snaps candids of Dusty:

    They seem to play hide and seek often:

    She was called out on her Cat Lady status:

    For more wonderful shots of Dusty, plus her pretty kids, follow Mama Styles on Instagram.