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    If You're Not Following Shaqinfrozen On Tumblr You're Missing Out On Life

    Shaq + Frozen = funniest thing the internet has ever seen.

    This Tumblr user has struck gold with their idea. They took one of the NBA's most popular alumi and combined it with the most explosive Disney film to make internet magic. Check out some of the best posts thus far.

    Elsa and Shaq's Duet:


    The cold never bothered Shaq anyway.

    Anna, Kristoff, and Shaq travelling to find Elsa:


    I don't think that is proper snow attire Shaq.

    Shaq is always watching:

    Shaq & Olaf about to sneeze:


    Shaq must be allergic too.

    Can you spot the Shaq here?


    "Ooo, ooo hold on I'm getting something!"

    "A beautiful strange, tall and fair.*"


    *Subject to change based on the handsome stranger.

    Shaq got the best seat in the house for Elsa's castle building:

    Things got real steamy between Shaq and Anna:


    What about Kristoff!?!

    "Yeah, what did she ever do to you?"


    Shaq's got your back Anna.

    But that doesn't stop Shaq from cracking terrible jokes at Anna's expense:


    "Have a nice trip. See you next fall! Lolz."

    Hope Shaq isn't a backseat driver:


    "Um, guys we should have turned ten trees back....are you even listening to me?"

    Go follow shaqinfrozen ASAP for all the the Shaqtastic pictures.

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