23 Signs You’re Probably Dating A Manchild

Manchild: An annoying child living inside a grown-ass man’s body.

Here is the “manchild” in his natural habitat.

Robert Dumas / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stray

1. His diet consists of the same food he ate 10 years ago.

2. Better yet, he has no idea how to cook.

NBC / Via foour.com

3. Cleaning is a foreign concept to him.

4. Someone else does his laundry.

Sascha Kohlmann / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: skohlmann

AKA you or his mom or the magical laundry fairy.

5. Video games are unreasonably important to him.

Niall Kennedy / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: niallkennedy

6. When he gets sick, it is like the end of the world.

7. He does not know how to manage his own finances.

8. He refuses to go to the doctor or the dentist.

NBC / Via giphy.com

9. He still sleeps until at least 2 p.m.

10. He has not learned how to admit that he is wrong.

11. He has no ambitions to be a responsible adult.

12. There is one thing from his childhood that he refuses to let go of and still obsesses over.

13. Instead of actually doing the dishes…

He’s totally cool with using paper plates for the rest of his life.

14. He doesn’t have a job.

15. And he has absolutely ZERO ambition to get one.

Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com

“You want me to get a what?”

16. His parents still pay his bills — or even worse — give him an allowance.

Hanna-Barbera Productions / Via caitlinmaryy.tumblr.com

17. He hasn’t learned to express his feelings.

BBC / Via reddit.com

So many emotions, not enough desire to convey them.

18. Which means he sure as hell doesn’t know how to commit to your relationship fully.

Paramount Pictures / Via gurl.tumblr.com

19. He still parties all the time.

20. His wardrobe mainly consists of different band and cartoon t-shirts.

MTV / Via giphy.com

21. And sneakers are really important. Like, lots of sneakers.

22. He will flat out refuse to do things for himself, as if he is above that.

23. He has no idea how to argue with other people.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com

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