18 Reasons Being An Aunt Or An Uncle Is The Best Thing Ever

It’s like having kids, without any of the responsibilities! Score.

Okay, so your sister, brother, whatever, decided to have one of these:

Via Little Bud Photography

I know, babies are gross and loud and sometimes really annoying. But don’t write that little drool bucket off yet! You’ve got a chance to be a role model. So, obviously you’re going to be super cool about it.

1. You get a taste of what having a kid is like, but you get to sleep at night.

Playing with a baby is all fun and games until someone starts crying and shits their pants. Then it’s off to mommy!

2. You get an excuse to enjoy little kid things again without judgement.

You’re the first person to offer to take your niece or nephew to see things like Frozen or The Lego Movie. Their parents think it’s so sweet of you, but really you’re more interested in the movie than the kid is.

3. Kids birthday parties are the coolest.

I’ve got to dress up like a princess to come to your party? DONE. Oh wait, I have to pick my favorite Avenger before your party? THOR!

4. Basically, you get to relive your childhood through them.

You’ll start telling a lot of “when I was your age” stories they pretend to listen to because they love you.

5. Hello! Did someone say blanket forts?!

6. They’re down to share everything with you:

Via Columbia Pictures / weheartit.com

Juice, cookies, candy, toys. etc. They love you enough to share half.

7. You get a free mini-me.

Via New Line Cinema / loveofallcrazy,tumblr.com

You can dress them just like you and they’ll think it’s the coolest thing ever. It’s 10 times cooler if they look just like you.

8. They will always be honest with you:

And sometimes, what sounds like an insult, might really not be.

9. They will tell you whether that outfit looks good or not:

Via Paramount Pictures / superbgifs.tumblr.com


10. You finally have someone to pass all your wisdom down to!

Or your sweet dance moves.

11. Like, you can teach them anything:

Warning for all young aunts/uncles: your sister will be pissed at you for teaching her 2-year-old the F word and the middle finger.

12. Kids think the weirdest things are super funny:

13. They also say really weird things:

Via Universal Pictures / narryxoxqueen.tumblr.com

And if you were their parent, you might be concerned, but you’re just their aunt/uncle and that was awesome.

14. Kids give the world’s greatest cards:

15. You can blame things on them:

Via Disney Channel / weheartit.com

If they can’t talk yet, they can’t deny it.

16. Kids are basically free entertainment:

They’ll do anything for a reaction.

17. No really, little kids are the funniest people in the world:

18. Most importantly, you finally learn to be proud of someone other than yourself.

Apologizing is a really big deal. You still haven’t mastered it.

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