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17 Signs You're Not Unemployed, But Really A Disney Princess In Disguise

A dream is a wish your heart makes. Just go with it.

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1. Since you're not up early for work, you wake up every morning like this:

Via Disney /

Oh, I can go back to sleep? Yes please. Birds wake me up later? Thank you.

Or like this:

Via Disney /

You might not look great when you wake up, but you're well rested!

2. Now that you're not blow drying and straightening your hair every day, it looks/feels absolutely fabulous.

3. You're alone 75% of the day, so you picked up some hobbies:

4. No one else is home, so you've started talking to your animals...

Via Disney /

And they're talking back (or, you're doing the voices for them at least).

5. You sing all the time.

Via Disney /

You have so many thoughts and feelings, only song can fully express them.

6. With all of that free time, you've been doing a lot of dreaming:

Via Disney /

"I just want to see the floating lanterns gleam!"

7. You know that acihieving your dream might not be easy:

Via Disney /

But there is nothing standing in your way (nothing you can't overcome, that is).

8. Back to hair, your braid game has gotten on point.

Via Disney /

All that free time has given you the chance to finally watch those YouTube tutorials you've been meaning to.

9. You've gotten just a little dramatic.

Via Disney /

Ugh, when will my life begin?!

10. But you've been able to work on your dance moves:

Via Disney /

11. Your fashion sense is impeccable now:

Via Disney /

You might not be making any money, but you've learned how to sew.

12. You have a villian out to ruin your life!

Via Disney /

It's employment. The system is your villain and it's trying to confine you to some stupid tower.

13. You take the world's best naps:

Via Disney /

Even though you don't have a set time to go to bed or wake up, you still know the key to happiness is a midday nap.

14. Since you're there more than everyone else, you're expected to clean the house.

Via Disney /

I mean, Cinderella had to do it, so you're not going to complain.

15. Ugh, you're also stuck on dish duty.

Via Disney /

It's only until your Prince comes. Or princess. Or when you wind up having to go and find them yourself. It is 2014, you're not waiting around.

16. You're now accepting your mistakes and working on fixing them:

Via Disney /

You might mess things up big time but you're determined to take care of that.

17. Most importantly, this time has shown you what you care about most: your family.

Via Disney /

They've always loved you, no matter what. You would do anything for them.

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