16 Things We Learned In Lil Jon’s Reddit AMA

Lil Jon speaks on the internet exactly how you thought he would. YEAHHHHHHH.

The king of crunk took to Reddit yesterday for one of the greatest AMAs of all time.

Seriously, he conducted the entire thing in all caps. Here is what was learned:

1. His favorite dinosaur:

2. His most regretful purchase:

Me too, me too.

3. Lil Jon has a sweet side:

4. Like, seriously he’s a good guy:

5. We learned his dinner plans:

6. He understands limitations:

7. His alternative career path isn’t far off from rapper:

8. We learned of an unexpected hobby:

Here’s that image for ya:

9. He’s got love for Dave Chapelle:

10. Apparently, people yell at him and demand alcohol often:

11. People are not letting go of his catchphrases anytime soon:

12. He’s prepared for the sickest collaborations ever:

If we do not get a song with Lil Jon and Kanye West yelling at each other in the next year, then the internet has failed us all.

13. Lil Jon has an opinion on North Korea:

14. No words…here’s his favorite superhero:

15. We learned the location of the East Side Boyz:

16. He answered the most important question of all:

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