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15 Signs You're A Stuffed Animal Hoarder

Appropriate for ages 3 and up. I'm over 3, still counts.

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You have been cultivating you collection since childhood. You've got the bear your grandparents gave you at birth, the bunny rabbit you won at a carnival when you were 8, and then there's the really cute owl you bought last fall. You see nothing wrong with this, because they all bring you comfort and provide you with wonderful memories. Who cares if you're in your twenties? Your friends might toss you dirty looks when they see you brood of stuffed friends, but you know they've got a secret bunny or bear they like to snuggle too.

12. Speaking of tossing out, you've had multiple interventions in your life.

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Your parents, friends, and significant other's have tried and failed to get you to purge. They've suggested just trimming the herd, but that's basically like picking one of your children and shooting them out in the backyard. It's merciless.

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