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15 Questions Disney Forgot To Answer In "Frozen"

Snowman building aside, there are somethings I need to know.

Let's get this straight: Frozen is the greatest Disney animated film since The Lion King. Fact.

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Buttttttt, it left you hanging on quite a few things.

1. Initial question: What happened to Kristoff's parents?

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Who are those other ice miners then? Why did they let this little kid and his reindeer out on the ice with them? Isn't that extremely dangerous?

2. Where did Elsa's powers come from?

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We know she was born with it, not cursed. But is this something that runs in the family? Did her mom have an aunt that could freeze the world too?

3. Why didn't Elsa's parents get her counseling?

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Because forcing your child with special powers, who can freeze a person's heart, to hide her powers and cutting her off from all human contact doesn't really sound like the best idea to me. TBH, the whole freezing of Arendelle was the King and Queen's fault.

4. After their parents died, who actually kept the gates shut?

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No one else knew why they were keeping the gates shut, so what made them do it? The princess who never left her room? Hmmmmm.

5. Furthermore, who took care of things between their parents dying and Elsa's coronation?

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Was it that unnamed guy?! Maybe I'm overly curious, but if Elsa was locked in her room and Anna was roaming the halls, who the hell was running shit?! Arendelle was in tip-top shape on Coronation Day.

6. What in the world did Elsa do in her room all that time?

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There's no internet, so she couldn't troll on Tumblr or Faceook. I may be asking a lot, but I find it hard to believe she just sat there and did nothing.

7. Back to Kristoff. Where did he sleep when he lived with the trolls?

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Is this why he only tinkles in the woods?


Disney / Via

I mean, COME ON. He remembers when he saw Grand Pabbie take care of her the first time. I know they were both young, but it's very obvious she was a princess, with an older sister with ice powers, AND she has her white streak in her hair. How many people do you meet like that in your life? Why. Doesn't. Kristoff. Realize. All. Of. This.

9. Where did Elsa's clothing go?

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It's not like this new, fabbo dress covers the same areas. Her old dress was basically covering every inch of skin. Can I get an explanation of how her ice powers transformed her dress? And where her leggings/stockings went?

10. So.....Elsa can bring snow creatures to life. Can we just talk about that?

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Don't get me wrong, Olaf literally makes the movie, but WHAT?! Again, this power is not explained enough. She scaled a mountain in like five minutes, brings a snowman to life, and then builds an ice castle without breaking a sweat. I think Elsa is part ice-god.

11. Is there a secret meaning behind this?!

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Elsa. Anna. Hans. Olaf. Even the Duke!!! Please, explain this secret to me. Someone. Anyone?

12. Why won't Elsa tell Anna what happened?

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Cat's out of the bag, Elsa. Everyone knows what you're capable of, so isn't it counterproductive to yell at Anna instead of explain to her why you're scared?

13. Okay, so Hans tells everyone the princess is dead and NO ONE goes to check on the body?

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This is the princess, heir apparent to the throne (which everyone thinks Elsa vacated). You'd think people would be a little more concerned with her death.


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This has kept me up most nights.

15. Will there be a Frozen 2?!?!

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Okay, so this one might not be a about plot holes, but it' still a question we all want to know. Will Elsa get a man (Jack Frost?!). Are Anna and Kristoff going to get married?! Can Elsa make Olaf a snowman buddy? I know the ending of the movie was the perfect lesson on love and all that jazz, but it also left me wanting more.