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16 Reasons To Love This New EDM Group

Because these guys have the "cheat codes" to good music

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Let's start with a little music by Cheat Codes...

Trevor Dahl, Matthew Russell, and Kevin Ford. Do those names sound familiar? If not, don't worry about it, because you'll soon know about them.

You may be thinking, "ugh, not another EDM group trying to make it big", etc. But these guys have something special that some of the others don't. What puts Cheat Codes apart from other EDM groups? Well for starters, their song 'Visions' was written by themselves. Unlike most artists/bands nowadays who co-write, or have other people write music for them, these guys do it all. Think of Cheat Codes as the Beck of all the EDM groups who are the Beyoncés. Everything they do is original. Not only was their new song Visions written by them, but it was produced by their own Trevor Dahl. He produced and recorded the entire track in his bedroom studios. Cheat Codes are just three guys working to do what they love, which is to produce amazing, original music. So here are some reasons why you should keep an eye on Cheat Codes and their music to come!

1. They Love Charity.

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In 2013, Trevor and Matt wrote a song for Foundation Beat Up Cancer, a foundation created in Zagreb, Croatia, for cancer research.

2. Trevor Dahl once went by Plug In Stereo as a solo artist

Trevor was signed at 16 years old, after dropping out of high school. He toured with Cody Simpson, Before You Exit (pictured), Ryan Beatty, and released the popular Oh Darling song under Plug In Stereo. He went by this name until just a couple months ago, when he left his major label to begin a new type of music, leading to Cheat Codes!

4. Matt Russell used to be in a group called VolHolla! with CeCe Frey from the X Factor


If you're an X Factor fan, you'll remember CeCe from season 2, as the 6th finalist whose trademark was the leopard print painted on her face. They produced some dance-pop music together that definitely got some notice from original fans!

6. Cheat Codes likes to photobomb!

Here's Kevin Ford photobombing Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, French Montana, and Mohamed Hadid! Looks like he found a way to "cheat code" into an iconic picture :)

7. Man buns. Enough said.

It's a little man bun, but its still perfect and adorable, and the muscles are included!

And here is Trevor's man bun.

8. Trevor is a vegetarian

He's been a vegetarian since he was 15! Also, peep the cool tattoos!

9. Speaking of tattoos, here are some other cool ones Trevor and Kevin have!

Trevor's done by the one and only Romeo Lacoste!

10. Matt has a nude cameo in The Ready Set's music video, "Give me Your Hand"

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Peep at your own risk (at 2:44), but the guys of Cheat Codes have been friends with Jordan Witigreuter of The Ready Set for years!

11. Kevin's family is actually pretty well-known!

His uncle, Stan Frazier was the drummer for Sugar Ray. Stan also produced The Dirty Heads and Ashlee Simpson. His father, Steve Pederson won an academy award for his sound engineer work on the 1995 film, Apollo 13, as well as his other nomination for Schindler's List. Kevin's brothers Tom and Rich Pederson won a Teen Choice Award for their rock band Clear Static. With such a talented family, you know Kevin will go far too.

12. Trevor's brother is a part of the Instagram phenomenon, Gay Beards

His brother Johnathan takes pictures with his best friend Brian, of themselves doing crazy and artistic thing with their beards! It got so big that it caught Kesha's attention.

13. They're not afraid to take "ugly selfies" on rainy days

aka cuddle weather

14. They also take silly selfies!

See, just like the rest of us!

15. They have their own shaman called Harry Paul

Image provided by Cheat Codes

Harry Paul is their spiritual guide, and he was once featured on a Rob and Big episode titled “Harry the Healer.” Come on, what other EDM groups have their own shaman?

So listen to their music, and love what they do!

And I'm sure they will love you back by releasing more original tracks. You can download their single, Visions, from their Soundcloud at the top of this page!

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