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    Hey Dudes, Here's 12 Ways To Be More Conscientious And Thoughtful Toward The Women In Your Life This Valentine's Day

    Better than flowers.

    1. Listen to her.

    2. Ask her what you can do to be a better partner.

    3. Pay attention to any underlying gender roles that your relationship might default to.

    4. Go to the doctor.

    5. Be a generous lover — i.e., don't assume that when it's over for you, it's over for her.

    6. Be supportive of her choices for contraception and reproductive health.

    7. Stand up to friends who make sexist jokes.

    8. Do your share of the housework.

    9. Believe her when she tells you that something is sexist.

    10. Give her a feminist book — and read it together!

    11. Bonus tip: Do all these things every day of the year and not just on Feb. 14!!!!

    This post was translated from French.