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    27 Sex Jokes You Missed While Watching "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

    In fact, you probably missed 90% of the jokes in the series.

    If you grew up in the '80s or '90s, chances are you watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    But if you'd watched it when you were young, you probably missed a lot of sexual allusions.

    1. For example, this monster looks a bit... familiar.

    2. Maybe you forgot about the scene where Anya decided to seduce Xander in her own way.

    3. Or when Buffy tried to imitate the movement of her stake...

    4. When Faith made this sexual double-entendre to Buffy.

    5. When Buffy could hear people's thoughts, and Xander could only think about sex.

    6. When Spike became ~impotent~ (he could no longer bite) and Willow said this:

    7. When Anya wanted to ~amuse herself ~ with Xander.

    8. When Dawn said "it was like a meat party in my mouth."

    9. When Dawn and Willow ordered fried chicken, and Willow said she prefers the breast.

    10. All the homoerotic double-entendres between Jonathan and Andrew, especially when Jonathan didn't want his "magic bone" to be touched.

    11. When Buffy and Spike slept together for the first time, and it was so intense that they DESTROYED the house.

    12. When Faith and Buffy talked about how killing vampires turns them on.

    13. When Anya made Spike believe she wanted to try BDSM... with a stake.

    14. When Spike had a robot built in the image of Buffy so he could sleep with it whenever he wanted.

    15. When Faith asked Buffy if she felt "that good, down-low tickle" whenever she thought of guys.

    16. When Buffy replied with this unintentional gem:

    17. This ~magical~ sex scene between Willow and Tara.

    18. And when Willow went down on Tara, and Tara began to float off the bed.

    19. Then when, a few years later, the series showed the first lesbian sex scene on Broadcast TV.

    20. When Willow, faced with the scythe that Buffy was going to use as a weapon, made this perfect word play:

    21. When Anya complained that Xander was only interested in orgasms.

    22. When Tara caught Spike and Buffy in the act and asked him whether he had a muscle cramp in his pants.

    23. When Anya said in the most natural way in the world that she enjoys spanking.

    24. When Andrew locked himself in the bathroom and Anya told him he'd better masturbate like everyone else.

    25. When they spent an entire episode showing Riley and Buffy sleeping together.

    26. When Willow referenced the fact that her girlfriend had a tongue piercing.

    27. And finally, this response:

    This post was translated from French.


    A previous version of this post referred to Xander as Alex, which is what the character is called in France.