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20 Reasons Why We Love Alexis Bloomer

From her blonde hair to her contagious personality...Let's face it, Alexis Bloomer has the job and life we all want. So we have accumulated 20 reasons why we all would be happy to become Alexis Bloomer. (Don't worry Alexis, none of us could pull it off quite like you).

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She's intelligent.

It's rare when you find a girl that can make you laugh, while also holding an intelligent conversation. Alexis graduated from SHSU in four years, while being involved in two honor societies on top of her already busy lifestyle. Not to mention, she made college look easy and fun at the same time. Although she may look like Elle Woods, she finally "breaks the blonde stereotype," as she put it on Instagram.

Her Style is Iconic.

Speaking of Elle Woods, I think we all secretly would rather raid AB's closet. If you have seen her in Vegas, New York, Nashville or Los Angeles...She is always dressed fabulously and different. Alexis does not have a set style, instead she creates unique looks from different fashion genres. Either way, she is bringing spunk to the rodeo industry and media world.

She looks Naturally Flawless.

Alexis tweeted: "goodnight world," without a drop of makeup on her face. This is where it gets tricky because we all want to hate her. It's a rumor that Alexis never wears face makeup and with a natural face like that, why would she? Thanks Alexis, I'm never posting a selfie before bed.

She is Naturally Beautiful on the Inside too!

Fine AB, we take back the comment about hating you. Alexis is passionate about children and giving back. Not only does she speak to schools about bully prevention, but she also grants wishes to children. This little girl from Western Wishes wanted to feel like a cowgirl, so Alexis got her Justin boots and made her feel like a cowgirl...On top of all that, she asked the little girl to be her cohost on her stage show, Alexis Bloomer Live. Basically, Alexis is Cinderella and the Fairy God Mother. Beauty on the inside far surpasses beauty on the outside.

She Works with Hot Men

Alexis has the perfect opportunity to meet Mr. Right because she is constantly interviewing Cowboys. Although she seems to keep it professional, she always has the perfect opportunity to ask what they look for in a girl. Told you she is smart.

But let's be real, I doubt she has to look hard.

Yes. Back to hating her. All I know is that Alexis works with Cowboys regularly and looks like this. Life cannot be difficult for her. She probably gets marriage proposals daily, so another reason why it would not be bad to be Alexis Bloomer

She Hangs with babes.

Most pretty girls roll with girls that are not attractive, but Alexis seems to break that sterorype as well...By not having one damn duff in her clique. Her most frequent posts include Heather, Emily, Cassidy or Briana...Who all happen to be gorgeous. On top of that, Alexis talks about her friends and how lucky she is to have them. Is it possible that there may be more than one hott and sweet girl out there? The male species thanks you AB.

She wins everything!

Not only is she winning with pretty friends, but Alexis wins everything in life as well. Everytime we look at social media, another award is given to the Alexis Bloomer. Although it may be annoying to some or most, we are glad her hard work is recognized. Now that she has graduated, maybe someone else will finally have a chance.

She encourages us to be Badass.

Alexis is like a queen and she encourages us all to demand the upmost respect. Unlike most girls, she wants to promote other powerful women. We respect your swag AB. Thanks for making us all want to take over the world.

She loves the haters.

Alexis is amused when people dislike her approach to life. Her response is usually laughter. Instead of getting down about people making rude comments, she pats herself on the back because she is making someone mad by doing what she believes to be right.

She is Powerful.

Confidence is key! Alexis has hosted her own stage show since she was 19 and went live on Sirius XM when she was 20. She is proving that age, really is just a number. For someone that is in her early 20's, she has already made a name for herself and is well-respected in the rodeo industry.

Beyonce is her Spirit Animal.

Alexis posted this after a day at the beach. If you look at her Instagram, she often mentions the other Queen B, Beyonce. I would love to see these two fierce women join forces, but I have a feeling the world couldn't handle it quite yet. (let us catch up Alexis).

She is A World Traveler.

I get so jealous because I feel like anytime I look at Alexis, she is in a different location. Does she live out of a suitcase? If so, can you pack us in it? Either way, I live vicariously through you!

She knows what she wants!

There is a rumor that Alexis turned down FGL at a red carpet event. Pretty ballsy, huh? Well not for Alexis Bloomer...She is focused and knows exactly what she wants...So we wonder, what does she look for in a guy? Help us out AB!

Famous People love Her

If you see her in Vegas, she is always with a musician or someone with stature. No matter the age, Alexis seems to attract them with her wit and intelligence. She might of turned down FGL, but she always respects the stars privacy, by making it seem like her encounters are no big deal.

She's a Social Media Queen

If you don't follow her on social media, you're missing out. You never know what she will say or what she will post. She is a queen when it comes to building a fan base from nothing. Take notes from her.

She's Fun

Alexis never seizes to miss out on a good time, even without adult beverages. If I could go out with Alexis, I'm pretty sure that I would learn what it looks like to be classy, while having a good time. Not to mention, she hasn't done anything we don't want our daughters to do! Sorry Miley, but Alexis is in.

But she is professional.

Alexis may joke around and have fun, but she is always reasy to turn her gameface on. She doesn't take her career as a joke and wants to be known as a woman that can be looked up to. So far, you're rocking it AB!

All in all, it's Alexis Bloomer's world and we're living in it.

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