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    21 Things Everyone Starts Doing When They Move To Brighton

    It’s the beautiful misfits that make it the bohemian haven we’re happy to call home.

    1. You pick your favourite spot on the beach very carefully.

    Flickr: walhalla / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

    2. And refuse to ever go in the sea past your ankles.

    3. You begin walking and cycling everywhere.

    Flickr: montpelier / Creative Commons

    You learn to live dangerously and develop thighs of steel thanks to the likes of Dyke Road and Southover Street.

    4. And you've said goodbye to your umbrella.

    5. You stop thinking of the seagulls as quaint.

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    They no longer remind you of being on holiday. They're ginormous, sleep deprivers, and food stealers.

    6. You’ll bump into Super Hans.

    7. And get to know other local celebrities too.

    Flickr: image_munky / Creative Commons

    Like this jolly old chap who tweets his bird whistle throughout the city. Every. Two. Seconds. All. Summer. Long.

    8. There’s that weird compulsion to start recycling absolutely everything and feeling a sense of pride about it.

    Flickr: 42067456@N00 / Creative Commons

    9. And the things you no longer need but can’t recycle, you leave outside your house and advertise locally.

    10. You’ve picked up all sorts of useful bits and bobs just left outside your neighbours’ houses this way too.

    11. You moan about the tourist attractions, like the i360 and the Palace Pier.

    Flickr: dgeezer / Creative Commons

    You say you hate having taking visitors for the grand tour, but you secretly enjoy it.

    12. You avoid all the major tourist areas whenever you need to get anywhere in the city.

    Flickr: stephencleary / Creative Commons

    So that’s all of North Laine, the Lanes, North Street, Western Road, Churchill Square, and the whole of the seafront at the weekend, weekday lunchtime, and evening then.

    13. You begin to fantasise about getting married in the Pavilion.

    14. You know the cheapest places to park.

    Twitter: @jabarucomic

    Hull, probably.

    15. You become a massive foodie.

    16. And know all the best breakfast and brunch spots in the city.

    17. You’ll fight to the death over the best coffee shop.

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    18. You get used to seeing naked people everywhere.

    Flickr: 5lab / Creative Commons

    They’re on the beach. They’re on bikes. They just want to let it all hang out.

    19. You cringe when anyone says “Hove Actually” or “London by the sea”.

    Comedy Central

    Even if you used to say them before you moved there. You were an idiot back then.

    20. You become very proud of your city and its inclusive community.

    Flickr: tomhickmore / Creative Commons

    Everyone’s welcome – worshiper of the occult or not. Who’d want to live anywhere else?

    21. And you never want to leave.

    Flickr: valcker / Creative Commons