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21 Things Everyone Starts Doing When They Move To Brighton

It’s the beautiful misfits that make it the bohemian haven we’re happy to call home.

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2. And refuse to ever go in the sea past your ankles.

As a tourist, it’s "come on in, the water’s lovely!" But as a resident, the cold and suspiciously murky froth doesn’t seem quite so appealing.

4. And you've said goodbye to your umbrella.

6. You’ll bump into Super Hans.

Instagram: @pageyhudson

And try to convince him that you are destined to be bezzies.


9. And the things you no longer need but can’t recycle, you leave outside your house and advertise locally.

Instagram: @stevesteadman666

Reduce, reuse, recycle, innit?

10. You’ve picked up all sorts of useful bits and bobs just left outside your neighbours’ houses this way too.

Instagram: @mollywindels

Things like a bicycle, some baby grows, and a pug called Derek. Winner!

12. You avoid all the major tourist areas whenever you need to get anywhere in the city.

Flickr: stephencleary / Creative Commons

So that’s all of North Laine, the Lanes, North Street, Western Road, Churchill Square, and the whole of the seafront at the weekend, weekday lunchtime, and evening then.


13. You begin to fantasise about getting married in the Pavilion.

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And then spending your honeymoon camping in your back garden because you can’t afford anything else.

15. You become a massive foodie.

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You wouldn’t dream of buying your buckwheat pasta from anywhere but Infinity Foods.

16. And know all the best breakfast and brunch spots in the city.

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Whether you fancy a greasy spoon fry-up or salmon and avocado on toast. Plus you’re on a first name basis with the guys in Billie’s and Joe’s.