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19 Small Moments That Excite Every Welsh Person

Cymru am byth.

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1. When you run for the twice-a-day train out of the sticks and make it with a few seconds to spare.

Flickr: Everyman Films / Creative Commons / Via

2. When someone half-mockingly asks you to pronounce a Welsh word, thinking you've got no chance, and you nail it.

Peter / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed / Via Flickr: 13184304@N00

3. When, on a night out, you bump into someone who you met once as a child and make like you're long lost friends.

Instagram: @lost

Welshy bond for life.

4. When you reach into your pocket and have the exact change for the bus.

Dim problem o gwbl.
Seth Whales / Creative Commons / Via

Dim problem o gwbl.

5. The fact that it probably takes you under an hour to drive to a spectacular beach.

Mario Sánchez Prada / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mariosp

6. When people joke about how one of Wales' villages is a ridiculous nonsense word, and you chip in "oh, you mean Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgo…gogogoch?"

Suzanne Gielis / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: gielissuzanne


7. When you order Welsh rarebit and it's perfectly gooey, mustardy, and leeky.

Instagram: @loudle1

Cheese on toast ain't got nothing on us.

8. When you buy a drink in a bar and get a fistfull of change back from a fiver.

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9. The fact that everyone wears a daff on St David's Day, no questions asked.

Chris Waits / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: chriswaits

10. When you're just chilling somewhere in public and a Welsh sing-along breaks out around you.

Bread of Heaven? Lungs of Heaven, more like.
Nick Webb / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: nickwebb

Bread of Heaven? Lungs of Heaven, more like.

11. Getting the chills by seeing a Welsh male voice choir singing the songs you sang in primary school.

John Downing - The London Welsh Male Voice Choir / Via

12. When you risk going out without a brolly and it doesn't rain.

Suzanne Gielis / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: gielissuzanne

13. When a stranger recognises the fact that you're Welsh from your accent (especially if yours is quite Anglicised).

Sarah Joy / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: joybot

14. When you have English friends to stay and they conclude that Wales isn't a mythical land with nothing to do.

Matthew Hartley / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: matthewhartley369

15. Having a proper cuppa and a chinwag in the café with your mam, tad, bamps, or mamgu.

Instagram: @julie_loveridge

16. When Wales win anything.

Especially against England.
Paul Gilham / Getty Images

Especially against England.

17. Climbing up a giant hill and feeling like the King or Queen of Cymru.

Jon Candy / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: joncandy

18. When you meet a non-Welsh person who knows that Cardiff, Swansea, Bangor, and Aberystwyth are not next to each other.

Instagram: @liberatedprint

19. This sign:

Santi Villamarín / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: santinet