What’s Going On With Lana Del Rey’s Bottoms In This Picture?

I had to look at this for a good long minute before I realized they just photoshopped some nude colored jeans in a visually nonsensical way. (This is Lana’s new H&M ad campaign, by the way.)

If you just glance at this you might think LDR’s wearing nude satin panties with her angora sweater. But upon closer inspection you’ll see she’s just actually wearing skintight nude-colored pants, possibly jeans (a style sure to flatter every figure when H&M starts selling them this fall). The visual semi-mindfuck seems to have been created by digitally smoothing out the fabric wrinkles in the pants, a retouching expert explained to me. So, impressionable media-consuming women: don’t feel self-conscious if your jeans wrinkle when you stand. I know these ads can make it seem like you’re lesser if that happens to you, but it will really be okay.

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