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    Transgender Miss Universe Contestant Speaks To Barbara Walters About Her Sex-Change Operation

    "It was terribly painful," she tells Babs.

    Remember how Barbara Walters said the Daily Mail's "I'm So Hot" woman Samantha Brick "is not that beautiful"? Well today, Barbara went on "Good Morning America" to share some of her interview with transgender Canadian Miss Universe contestant Jenna Talackova, whose disqualification (which was subsequently repealed) from the competition has garnered worldwide attention. So what does Babs think of Jenna's hotness? "This woman is a knockout." True!

    She also asked Jenna — who interviewed with her mother (who is totally cool about her sex change) and her lawyer Gloria Allred — about her sex-change operation. "The surgery is pretty intense," said Jenna, who used to be named Walter. "It was terribly painful but seeing something on your body for that long and not being able to look at myself in the mirror because I couldn't stand seeing the other part it was actually very rewarding too." Barbara then asked, "So if I saw you undressed you would look like a woman to me totally?" "Of course," Jenna replied.

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