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    The Drastic Differences Between What Pinterest Users Want And Want To Give For Christmas

    I hope Pinners aren't planning on doing any gift exchanges, or they will be SORELY disappointed.

    1. Things Pinners want to give include: lotion bars.

    2. But lots of Pinners really just want jewelry.

    Make that diamonds, actually.

    Engagement rings, really.

    3. Pinners are really stoked to gift hand scrub they've made from Dawn soap and poured into a mason jar.

    4. But Pinners really WANT: purses and iPhone accessories.

    5. Pinners are sort of dying to give all their friends hot chocolate on a stick.

    6. Or hot chocolate in a jar.

    7. Actually, any gift that involves layering things in a glass jar is met with wild enthusiasm.


    9. But what do Pinners really want for themselves? Clothes.

    10. Pinners really want to give their loved ones baskets full of cleaning supplies.

    11. But what do pinners really want? Puppies!

    Or those cute small pigs!

    12. And kittens, of course.

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