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    The 15 Snobbiest Moms On The Internet

    Urban Baby is like Reddit for snooty New York City parents. The people who posted to a thread about what makes someone a "striver" will scare you.

    The site Urban Baby is home to some of the snobbiest parents on the internet. Like...

    1. The mom who asked the community to define what makes someone a social "striver."

    Striver meaning someone who wants to appear rich.

    2. The mom who drops high society-specific acronyms.

    (SIL = sister-in-law.)

    3. The mom who thinks she knows the exact translation of "NOCD."

    4. The mom who thinks she's classy for trashing Coach bags anonymously online instead of IRL.

    5. The mom whose mother "allowed" her "to wear a no-name bag."

    6. The mom telling people to look things up in the "Official Preppy Handbook."

    7. The mom *snort*-ing at people who tell others to look things up in the "Official Preppy Handbook."

    8. The mom who is this familiar with the concept of "moving purses."

    9. The mom who suggests carrying Coach bags as an act of charity.

    10. The mom who wonders "what kind of loser lives in an apartment in Brookline."

    11. The mom who likes fashion and sees her children as "like having two little dolls."

    12. The mom who doesn't want her "dear daughter" (or "DD") listening to hip-hop.

    13. The mom who uses the word "caste."

    Especially when responding to a question about what makes someone a "striver."

    14. The mom who accuses "aspiring writers" of trolling Urban Baby for inspiration for their novels.

    15. The mom who offered this "FYI" to "Strivers."