The 11 Best Looks From The Latest “Mad Men”

Ugly prints ruled. It’s kind of like what’s happening with clothing trends right now.

1. Joan’s bright red pussybow.

I swear, this show has done almost as much for the pussy bow as cats have done for the internet.

2. Megan’s cheerleader uniform work dress.

She would show up to the office looking like the popular girl in high school!

3. Peggy’s plain plaid.

Plain, but not dowdy. And refreshingly not show off-y.

4. Trudy’s ebullient full-skirted dress.

I predict that when she finds out about her husband’s cheating, those skirts will deflate.

5. The suburban party attire.

If you’re going somewhere in the woods where no one will see you, you may as well wear your uglier prints.


(Also, does Ken’s wife ever not wear yellow?)

7. Don’s plaid jacket.

It’s almost like he wanted to show solidarity with Pete, who wears more ugly plaid jackets than anyone.

8. The high schooler’s headband.

I want this look to catch on again — the poufy Angelina Jolie down ‘do + headband.

9. The brothel madame’s embellished yellow muumuu.

Garden boobs!

10. Joan’s teal work dress.

11. Peggy’s patterned pussybow.

A great way to do polka dots.

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