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The 10 Best Looks From The Latest Episode Of "Mad Men"

Including Peggy's underwear, Jane's painfully gigantic earrings, and Roger's pink turban.

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1. Peggy's slip.

Oh the glorious days of slips! When underwear was just underwear instead of regular-wear! I appreciate the reminder that something like this, though it serves as normal Coachella attire today, was once meant to be worn underneath real clothes.

2. Peggy's presentation outfit.

This was perfect for her big presentation because, frankly, it's not very remarkable, so the men in the room can focus on what she's saying instead of what she looks like. Outside of a place like "Vogue" that's probably what one's work clothes should do.

4. Jane's LSD party look.

If this is what she looks like when she dresses sober, imagine what she would have put on if she had gotten dressed on acid. Too bad they're breaking up and we might never find out what that looks like!


7. This lady's sheer belted LSD party dress.

Again: why did they all get so dressed up to do drugs? I guess whatever impetus led to these sorts of outfits is the same impetus that led them to the drugs in the first place.