Paul Ryan Still Wears Everything Huge

    Is it because his hobby is "getting huge" via P90X?

    We know Paul Ryan likes his suits big and swishy. What we did not know so well is that is preference for gigantic extends to his tie and flag pin. At Thursday night's vice presidential debate his shoulder pads seemed to have reached Working Girl proportions, while his flag pin, twice the size of Biden's, seemed to have taken on a vigorous P90X routine of its own.

    Ryan's tie, unfortunately colored as well as sized, led Comedy Central to snark, "The 1970s Called, They Wanted Paul Ryan's Tie Back." The item continued:

    On the other hand, Ryan's knot is much neater than Joe Biden's.

    This concludes the part of our programming in which we show how the media would talk about the candidates for the whole 90 minutes if they were women.

    To his credit in this major Biden-Ryan FASH off, Ryan's tie bore the requisite stylish man's dimple. But let's take a closer look at the fit of that suit again.

    See how the jacket gives him absolutely no waist?

    If this were What Not to Wear I might say the cut of this suit is giving Ryan a "pear shape."

    Where Biden's suit nips in at the waist a tad, Ryan's just emphasizes his hips (those pockets!). And what makes it all worse is that the whole world knows what he's hiding under there:

    Biceps for DAYS. But at least his workout clothes fit.