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Nail Art Just Died

Blame — or thank, depending on where your sentiments lie — Marc Jacobs.

Thursday night in New York, Marc Jacobs released his fall 2013 collection — America's most important runway show each season — and with it, his brand-new nail polish line. This, Wall Street Journal reporter Elizabeth Holmes Instagramed, is the shade used in the show. It's called "Shiny," which, the nail technician told her, is Marc's favorite color. (Yes, it's just plain nail enamel, but Marc Jacobs is a famous designer, which means he can't make nail polish with such mundane taxonomy.)

See these naked — NAIL ART-LESS — nails?

Karly Domb Sadof / AP

This can only mean one thing: Marc Jacobs just killed nail art. Because if only one show in New York matters, if only one show has the power to dictate how every other American designer will design their next collections, if only one man has the sheer balls to so forcefully return nails to their natural state — rejecting caviar appliqués, claws, astroturf, printed stickers — it's Marc Jacobs.

Well, it was fun while it lasted!