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Madonna Endorses Obama With A Huge Back Tattoo

I guess it's not technically a tramp stamp since it was positioned in the upper part of her lower back... or is it? #DeepThoughts #YouDecide

Madonna performed at Yankee Stadium in New York Thursday night as the first woman to headline the arena. Perhaps in hyper-awareness of America and a performance time slot that competed with President Obama's Democratic National Convention speech, right after sort of mooning the crowd by lowering her pants to expose her fishnet- and thong-clad butt, Madonna said she'd rather show the crowd "her feelings" and unleashed the Obama tattoo. I am deeply jealous of whoever got close enough to take this Instagram.

She also gave the crowd a short lecture about how lucky we are to live in America and be free. It was the vague kind of sermon you expect at this sort of huge pop concert. But the least vague and therefore most exciting part of her mostly not truly meaningful words came when she named actual proper nouns. "Thank God for Michelle Obama and her good-looking husband too," she told the crowd, to wild applause. Watch here:

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