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How Many People Does It Take To Model Puffy Coats? 370.

Because why on earth would you stage another boring old runway show when you could do THIS?

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The labels people seem to get most excited about at fashion week these days are the ones that recognize the event has become much more a marketing opportunity than a trade show for the industry. Moncler is one of those labels that is perfectly comfortable being a little wacky and out there in order to be remembered. Nor do they seem to expect to be remembered just by their clothes (puffy coats, vests, other functional skiwear that I've been told is deliciously warm — if only it was more affordable). So when Moncler is showing at the end of a long Saturday of fashion shows, and the dirty snow is piled up by a foot or more just about everywhere, making getting around without a hired driver (the key to making weather-inappropriate dressing possible at fashion week) kind of a groan, you get off your couch and put on your ugly rubber shoes and leave Bravo and your wine behind because you know Moncler is going to do something that's much more entertaining than a botoxed person slapping another botoxed person in the face.

For the fall 2013 presentation, that meant Moncler hired 370 models to stand in concentric circular steps, raised above an audience that looked up to regard the clothes and the reflection of those clothes beaming down from the mirrored ceiling. Add goggle-like reflective shades to each of those models, and you have a sort of futuristic Daft Punk olive green-hued wonderland, complete with flashing lights set to a remix of the Star Wars theme song.

All this for puffy coats? Well WHY NOT?

(And if you didn't smoke before you went, Moncler had your back with champagne passed around on nice trays by attractive well-dressed servers.)


The other thing I really liked about this show is that the models looked like real people instead of children you wanted to collect peanut butter donations for.

Moncler made their own video of the human forest rave.

Which I provide for you in the off chance that you're some kind of exceedingly rare internet-perusing person who has an attention span of longer than a few seconds.